Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Living in Paris...visiting Les Halles

Today was a regular day…we stayed home until noon and then walked a block to the local Laundromat to do a load of laundry; our first on the trip.  We’ve each been washing out a few things   each night and it’s worked well.   But nice to actually use a washing machine!  And to wash and dry was only seven euros including the soap!

Our day has been one of relaxing and sorting through the suitcases to put some organization to the clothes.  I’m planning to send some things home with Jim when he leaves on the 12th.  I always seem to bring more than I need. 
It’s pleasant here on our courtyard.  We sit at the kitchen table with an open window…no screens…sheltered by our window plants… working on our computers to find out what’s happening in the world around us.  No Television…just classical music on the radio.
We did take a break this afternoon about 3 pm.   

Walked to our Metro and rode to the Les Halles area on the right bank of the Seine River past the Louvre.   We got off at Chatelet and walked for about ten minutes through the huge station to the underground shopping mall of Les Halles.
This was the meat and produce wholesale market for all of Paris up until the 1970’s when it was moved outside the city limits.  Since that time it has had many problems and was not really a safe area for many years.  A few years ago they built a huge underground shopping center…it’s about three levels deep and now they are in the midst of a five year project to create a massive walking plaza above ground. 
It will truly be beautiful when finished.  On one side is the Paris Stock Exchange and on another the beautiful and very old Sainte-Eustache Cathedral.  We plan to go back on Sunday evening for a free concert before the 6 pm Mass.
Returning home we shopped at the local Boucheries and purchased a lovely roasted chicken and some potatoes that will make three meals for us over the next week.

Our friends John and Barbara Arnold have arrived in Paris…we will be meeting them for dinner on Thursday.

 Hope you enjoy the few photos in the slideshow: 

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