Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Strolling through Rue Mouffetard and the Marais

Well…I’ve caught the bug that has been floating around; but I only have a crackly voice…sore throat yesterday and today a very deep voice.  If that’s all I get…I’m okay.  Bonnie and Jane have both had full blown colds.
But we were still out the door by 10:30 am; waited for the washing machine to finish before leaving so we could hang the clothes on the racks to dry…no dryer in the apartment.
We walked up past the Pantheon, over the top and then down the long street that eventually became the Rue Mouffetard.  This is the street where Julie Childs loved to shop when she was going to cooking school in Paris.  It is shop after shop of wonderful food; each shop has a specialty:  cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, etc. etc. etc.    And there are a few clothing stores in between; I almost purchased a red trench coat but it had stains on the sleeve so I was saved again!   One of these days I’ll find the right size and the perfect condition! 
From there we continued into the area around the des Globelins where Jim and I lived for the first ten days of this visit to Paris.  Visited the McDonalds for the toilettes and then off on the Metro to the Pont Marie where we walked across the bridge to the Isle St. Louis to check on the prices of a mailing box for Bonnie…at 39 euros for a small box, she is having second thoughts.  Walked to the end of the Isle and then crossed over to the Marais.   Our first stop was at the little park that has a corner of a tower from the famous Bastille Prison that was located in this area and destroyed during the French Revolution.  Most of the stones are now found in bridges that span the Seine River. 
Past the park we located the St. Paul Village area; we were finding our way as yesterday I accidentally threw the Rick Steves Paris book out with the trash…yes I know…how did you do that!!   It was trash day and we were in a hurry; I’d bundled the recyclable things together in my arms along with the things that we were taking with us for the day.   Somehow, I must have put the book in the bag and then by the time we realized it….the trash man had come and the book was gone!   Old age got me again!  But remember we had to do it in one trip as its seventy seven steps down! 
But whatever…we go on without it using my memories from other trips!   We located most everything we were looking for.  The girls enjoyed the St. Paul’s Village area and the quiet little passage to St. Paul’s Church and after a quiet moment there we continued down the street to the Place des Vosges.   This is a square surrounded by brick townhouses.   The park was full of students enjoying their noon hour in the bright sunshine; lying on the grass and sitting on benches.  We found an empty bench and joined them as we enjoyed our cheese and bread that Miss Bonnie had purchased during our walk down Rue Mouffetard this morning.
Soon we were full and rested and we continued on our walk; we considered touring the Victor Hugo home that is now a museum; its located in a corner of the Place des Vosges; but decided to continue our stroll.   Back to the main street known as Saint Antoine and bus number sixty-nine; hopped off at the Hotel de Ville and walked across the square admiring the huge old building that speaks history from every façade.  During the winter months they build an ice skating rink in the place in front of the building that is the “City Hall of Paris”. 
We crossed the bridge known as the Pont D’Arcole where we stopped to enjoy the views of the “witches hats” of the Conciergerie where Marie Antoinette spent her final days in prison; and ended on the Cite where we walked towards Notre Dame Cathedrale. 
We stopped along the way when Mary treated us to ice cream cones and ended our walk across the Pont Notre Dame to the Left Bank and finally home by our favorite bus number twenty one that we board at the Fountain of Sainte Michel and it drops us at Luxembourg Gardens only two blocks from our apartment.  We found that we’d done over five miles today; Bonnie wears a ped-o-meter and keeps track of miles for us daily!
We still had time to enjoy our apartment, dinner and time on the computers.  Hope you enjoy our little slideshow for the day: 

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