Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rodin Museum

Mary took half the day off and rested and caught up on her blogs; Jane, Bonnie and I headed back to Versailles by train to tour the Chateau that we’d missed on our Sunday visit.  Mary had seen it with me on our trip in 2009 and felt the rest was more important.  She is supposed to be taking a day off each week because of her physical limitations. 
We arrived about 10 am and the line to enter Versailles was a piece of cake compared to last Sunday; but once inside it was a different story.  The rooms were like cans of sardines!  We lost each other and didn’t actually find everyone until we were nearly finished.  Fortunately we were all smart enough to keep moving with the crowds as we were all going the same way.  Weather wise; it was a dry but very cold day.  I actually wore socks with my sandals for the first time on the trip!  A pair of gloves would have been nice but I didn’t bring any with me!   It was about fifty degrees.
By 2 pm we were headed back to the train station; Bonnie treated us to sandwiches and coffee at Starbucks and we enjoyed lunch on the train home.  Called Mary and she met us at the Metro Station where we needed to change Metros for our next visit.

Arrived at Rodin Museum about 3:30 pm.  Enjoyed seeing the wonderful sculptures again; especially the Burghers of Calais; The Kiss; The Thinker and of course my personal favorite “The Cathedrale” formed by two hands. 
Back on the Metro for our next adventure:  Sainte Chapelle near Notre Dame.  We arrived about 5:00 pm and enjoyed the last rays of the day that streamed through the tall stained glass windows in the upper chapel.  Jane and Bonnie were astonished and agreed they want to come back tomorrow if possible to see it with more light!  It takes your breath away the first time you walk into the room after climbing up the narrow old marble steps from the chapel below. 
By the time we left it was nearly 6:00 pm and everything was closing for the day.  We walked over to Notre Dame and they were still allowing visitors during the Vesper Services.  By 6:30 they were moving everyone towards the doors as the church was also closing.  Out into the dusk and our first raindrops of the day.  We walked across the Seine River and stopped at Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore to check on the event scheduled for Sunday Evening.  Sounds good and we may attend.  We continued to walk to the Metro Station of St. Michel for our final journey home for the day.
Dinner was at the apartment; Bonnie and I picked up some food at the Monoprix after stopping at the Pharmacy for some purchases while Mary and Jane heated the leftovers from last night to go with the new food.  We ended up walking after dinner to find an ATM in the neighborhood and have been talking to husbands and writing blogs after downloading the photos ever since we arrived home.
Hope you enjoy the slideshow: 

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