Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday on Rue Mouffetard and The Louvre

Slept in on Sunday morning and walked out the door just before 11 am.  We walked a couple of blocks over to Rue Mouffetard, the street made famous by Julie Childs; it is a shopper’s delight.  We arrived just in time for 11 am High Mass at Saint-Medard that sits at the foot of the street.

After mass we emerged to the sound of music on the corner; a Sunday morning event where people enjoy good music, plus a bit of karoke using the song sheets that were passed to everyone.  And best of all everyone was welcome to dance on the cobblestones.  A few were regulars who were dressed in fishnet stockings and French berets but most were tourists like us who could not resist.  Check out my video on Facebook.  Yes, we did two fast dances and even got some applause from the crowd, but the video is of others enjoying the event.
Then we walked all the way up the Rue Mouffetard stopping along the way to listen to more musicians and inspect the shops with food; a different shop for each type, clothing and many restaurants.  We chose one for dinner before returning back to our apartment for lunch.
About 2 pm we headed out again and this time we took the Metro to the Louvre Museum and took advantage of the Free Day that happens on the first Sunday of each month.  Nearly all of the major museum take part in this event!  Jim was afraid it would be packed so we waited until midafternoon and walked right in.  Yes, there were lots of people but we never had to wait and with the exception of the Mona Lisa…and that is ALWAYS packed…we could easily see all of the things we wanted to visit. 
There was a special exhibit of work by Michaelangelo Pistoletto located throughout the Museum.  He is a living artist who creates interactive visual art.  Usually it is mirrors with a figure or figures painted on them and you become part of the art when you look at the mirror.   Interesting but not sure I’d pay a fee to see it!
One thing that happened during our time in the Museum was very interesting; Jim was explaining the techniques used by Da Vinci in a particular painting and I noticed that the gentlemen standing next to me kept moving closer and closer as he listened to Jim.  When we finished I turned and said “I have my own private tour guide” and he said “you are very lucky”.  I think he was Italian but understood and spoke English very well.  
Yes, I’m very lucky and Jim has taught me much about art over the years. 
We spent two hours touring the halls and I finally headed back to the apartment and left Jim to finish on his own.  We are both comfortable with traveling on the Metro; so with the added security of our cell phones we parted ways and each did our own thing. 
By 6 pm we were both back in the apartment; I’d spent some time in the park that is next door to our apartment before coming home.   Freshened up and then walked to the Le Mouff’tot Restaurant that was located directly across the street from the Hostel that my sister Mary and I stayed in back in 2009. 
The food was excellent and reasonable.  Jim had his duck again and I had lamb.  We enjoyed the family atmosphere in the restaurant and the owner made a point of talking with us several times.
A slow walk home, downhill all the way and by 8:30 pm we were snug in our apartment for the night.   

 Hope you enjoy the slideshow:  

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