Monday, September 16, 2013

Walking the Champs Elysees

We again left the apartment about 11:30 am; seems like no matter what time we get up … we leave about the same time every day for our adventure.   Today…rain predicted…we took the Metro to Arc de Triomphe for our climb to the top and fantastic views of the city of Paris.  One can see nearly all of the city within the peripherique:  the ring road around the city proper.

The skies were blue and lots of white fluffy clouds when we climbed the 285 steps to the top.  The old elevator is not working we were told; even for old people!   Before we descended the 285 steps the strong wind had blown a storm over our heads that started to drop buckets of raindrops!  By the time we stopped at the gift shop and descended the 285 steps; the sun was shining again!
This was the pattern of the day; brief rainstorms that went as fast as they arrived.  We only ended up walking for a short distance with umbrellas; so short we never took off the sunglasses!
We decided to chance the rainstorms and walk the Champs Elysees from the Arc down to the Tulleries.  Along the way we stopped to check out many of the shops from Cartier, Peugeot, BMW, and best of all the Galerie Arcades Des Champs Elysees where they have a Starbucks under the baroque ceilings!  There we sat a spell and enjoyed Carmel Machiato Coffee and some English Scones while resting our feet and feasted our eyes on the wonderful and very unusual setting for a Starbucks!   An added surprise was the bride in her bridal gown standing in line for a coffee! 
We continued our walk and at the Peugeot Dealership, Bonnie took photos of the concept sports car and Mary purchased a car for her husband Phil; a tiny one, but all the same…a car.
Soon we were under umbrellas near the end of our walk as we rushed across the Place de Concorde taking photos of the three thousand three hundred year old Obelisk of Luxor.  The rain slowed as we approached the L’Orangerie Musee.  The line was long but with our Museum Pass we walked past all of them and entered immediately at the front of the line.  A real plus for purchasing the pass.
We enjoyed the water lilies of Monet and then the additional art gallery on the bottom floor.  Soon is was nearly 6 pm and we were headed home on the Metro.  A fast stop at the Monoprix for some hot food and groceries; then home for a delicious dinner in the apartment and a trip to the Laundromat for some clean clothes. 
Enjoyed our evening in the apartment before heading for bed about 11 pm.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow! 

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