Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We started leaving home on Tuesday at 6 am and the last one arrived in Paris on Wednesday at 8 pm ….that’s 11am California time…29 hours from start to finish. Three of the flights went as scheduled and four of them had problems. The worst one was a flight from San Francisco to Chicago to Paris that ended up being San Francisco to Chicago on a delayed flight; then to London and finally a British Air flight to Paris. They were the last to arrive. Another had to change planes because of engine trouble and another sat on a runway for an hour looking for a passenger who had luggage checked but didn’t board…they finally removed the luggage. The last was at JFK in New York…they don’t know why but they sat and sat and sat on the runway arriving two hours late! But we’re thankful that everyone has arrived just in time for a one day strike for the railroads tomorrow!

Yes…Paris unions only strike for one day…so we are not going to Versailles as planned tomorrow. But that what makes traveling interesting…constant changes! We walked the streets around our hotel this evening that is only a few blocks from Notre Dame. Dinner was a jambon crepe as we walked. Found the local grocery store…looks like a tiny shop and it is huge….all in the basement! They are using “self checkout” so we gave it a try. Thought you’d enjoy some of our photos as we walked and reminisced in the early evening along the Seine River; notice the Parisians enjoying the rays of sunshine on the quay. It’s finally dark at 10 pm and most of the children are off to view the Eiffel Tower in the sunset before hitting the well earned hay!

Au revoir

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Mary said...

Happy Anniversary.. good to Skype with you today.. so happy everyone arrived safely.

Enjoyed your blog & pictures..good job for someone with so little sleep. Who is in the pink hat?

Hugs, Mary