Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chateau de Vincennes

Up about 7 am, we walked to Notre Dame for 8 am Mass; opps….it starts at 8:30 on Sunday. But, we were not alone and enjoyed a quiet half hour prior to the starting of the Mass. Beautiful service and they provided English translations of the readings for everyone.

We decided to go to McDonald’s for breakfast…not bad…3.90 Euro: egg/bacon McMuffin, 3 tiny croissants, orange juice and coffee or chocolate and we ate there instead of walking away. About 10:00 am we headed to the Metro and a trip to the Chateau de Vincennes just outside of Paris. It was an easy trip and the Chateau was right next to the Metro. It is a very large edifice but not much in the way of décor. Completed in 1370, the keep was the tallest Keep in all of France during the Middle Ages and an architectural feat at that time.

Back to the city center by 12:30 we headed towards the Louvre for another visit. This time we visited the Sully Galleries for the Egyptian rooms and then the Richelieu for the Napoleon Apartments.

By 4 pm we were back at the hotel and enjoying visits from different children during the evening as they came back from their various adventures.

On our way back to the hotel from the Louvre Museum we finally heard music in the halls of the Metro; we been disappointed not to hear any so far. This one was a group of over ten who were playing “Night Music” by Mozart….so enjoyable!

We’ve decided to stay in this evening and let the children visit and then go on their way to somewhere in Paris. I’ll keep this entry short as I need an early bedtime to catch up on my sleep. Tomorrow is our big day for the Mass to renew our wedding vows and then the dinner cruise.

Merci beaucoup for joining us on our journey….

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear of your travels...Martha is really on top of her game. Continue to have a great trip. All is well at home.
Craig Flanders