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Monday, October 9th, 2000 On The Road Again!

Woke up about 4 am….due to going to sleep before 10 pm. But got back to sleep and slept until about 7 am. Jim’s game plan worked and he was able to get the car out of the parking lot before the attendant arrived. He’s parked in town and we have to get moving before we get a ticket for being there. He made two trips with luggage before breakfast. Paid the bill, ate (and made our sandwiches and took an apple and two cheeses) before leaving. The rain was starting as we made the last trip to the car. Jim ran to the drug store, which had just opened to check on Vitamin C for Martha. Found some large tablets, which we thought, were chewable. As we were driving he tried one….it started to fizz in his mouth! Looks like they are similar to Alkerselzer! Will have to drop one in a glass of water tonight!

We were on the road before 9 am headed back to Salzburg and then to Innsbruck and the Brenner Pass. Due to the snow we’ve decided to stay on the Autobahn and play it safe and fast to get to our destination of Vicenza before dark! When we stopped at a station Jim found a new hat. His wax hat from Britain has disappeared. Hopefully we’ll find it somewhere in the luggage. Couldn’t find it in the room or the car this morning. Only other place we could have left it was in the restaurant where we ate lunch yesterday, but that was still closed as we left town. [Never found....assume it was in the restaurant!]

When we packed today we put everything inside the car that we’d need tonight. Also got out the money belts…we’re headed into Italy! Pickpocket heaven! On the road we saw more of the straw people. Farmers build fantastic displays near the highways using all kinds of props and clothes on them. Each display is very unique!

After Salzburg we were back in Germany. As we reentered Austria Jim saw the sign about the mandatory $25 sticker requirement. Helps pay for their roads we think. Made a decision to just keep going. We were only going to be in Austria for another hour and after a week without it we decided to keep going! Hear that the fine is very steep if they stop you and you don’t have one. But, we managed to reach Italy without any problems. Went through Innsbruck about noon then headed south to the Brenner Pass and arrived in Italy about 1 pm. Finally, WARM WEATHER! We stopped and changed some of the Austria Shillings to Lire which should help. We were able to use some of the German Marks we have to pay the final toll of the day. The Lire is worth about 2200 = $1.00.

Arrived in Verona about 3 pm and made it to Vinceza about 4 pm. Took us about an hour to located the hotel and get our room. Jim finally had to walk to find the hotel, which is located off the main square in a pedestrian only street. We were allowed to drive the car in to unload and then took the car to a parking garage. Ate our sandwiches in the room and then called home to let them know that we'd arrived in Italy. Then we went for a walk to the train station to check it out as we plan to go to Venice tomorrow by train. Back to the hotel, ice cream cones and a stroll around the area before settling in for the night. Very nice room but no television. We’re getting used to being without. A second call home informed us that I had received a notice for jury duty when I arrive home!

Vicenza is about midway between Verona and Venice. It is famous for it’s architecture. Andrea Palladio designed many of the buildings. His designs were also used to do Washington, DC and Thomas Jefferson’s home, Montecello. It is one of the wealthiest towns in Italy per the guidebooks. Jim says that this town is more like a Roman City would look had they not been destroyed over the centuries. Many large buildings with columns in front. Like looking at the backs of Nickels the guidebooks say! Plan to spend Wednesday in town investigating the place. Our hotel is located just off the main Plaza in a pedestrian zone. Hard to locate, but worth the effort. Our room is on the first floor, no TV but very, very nice. Do hear the desk noise up to about 10 or 11 pm. But not too bad.

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