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Saturday, October 7th, 2000 Day trip to Salzburg......

Still raining….Jim hit the side of the wardrobe during the night and the door came open. It woke us both up as it creaks like intersactum!! Down to breakfast about 8:30, we were the only ones there even though there was another table set for four people.

Jim counted the steps up to the parking lot this morning…130 steps! But there was also a fantastic waterfall, which was very loud. Water was coming off of the mountain at a very rapid pace due to the excessive rain we’ve had over the past several days! Stopped at the store on the way out and got everything we needed except for Vitamin C which is why we stopped. Oh well. Need to find an Apothecary Store for that. We drove to the area to catch the tram for the Ice Caves. They were closed for at least two hours due to excess water, which was making them very slippery! We decided not to wait to see if they would open and headed for Salzburg. Mentioned to Jim that he should start keeping his coke and water in the pocket of the door as it makes a great refrigerator. He’d been using the storage under the armrest in between the seats. It was getting the heat from the back seat heater. Big difference he soon discovered!

Arrived in Salzburg about noon, parked the car and headed for the Mozart Museum. Walked past our Laundromat that we used in 1997! The footbridge is closed for repairs. Noticed that there were life size cows all over town. They were each painted and decorated by different stores. Example, one was painted green and had a hole with a golf tee in the top with a golf ball stuck near the hole! One was cut in half and glued to each side of a store window! They were all very cleaver. Asked one clerk in the museum and she kinda shrugged them off. Fund raiser of some sort. Said they’d had them all over Europe. [And, ten years later they are still using the cows throughout Europe for fund raisers!]

The Birthplace Museum was great. Saw Mozart’s rooms that were set up with displays of instruments he’d used. The Museum had purchased the house next door and connected the two. They set up rooms with furniture used during the period that Mozart’s family lived in this house. We were able to tag onto a tour of students with an English-speaking guide. Very helpful and she added lots of information to each stop. Then we walked over to the newest museum, which is the house they moved into when Mozart was 17 years old. The building was destroyed in WW II. Finally repurchased in 1990s; they had recently completed the rebuilding as it was originally when Mozart lived there. It was state of the art and we had hand carried recorders that were activated by transmitters in the ceilings. The records were capable of several different languages. You had to be near the transmitter for it to speak to you. Really great system! Lots of his music used on the tapes. At the end we had a twenty-minute slide show using our recorders for sound about his trips throughout Europe as a child prodigy.

Back to the parking lot and headed home. Rained all day! We make a quick stop at the church where they filmed the wedding scene for Sound of Music...we'd seen it on a Sound of Music Tour when we stayed in Salzburg several years ago. Arrive home and found parking in Lot 1 again. Walked to the public telephones and tried those. Finally found some Canadians who suggested we give up and buy a telephone card. We did and were finally able to make some telephone calls. Must admit, it was easy to use. Back to the hotel, dropped things off and went back to the first restaurant that we went to on Thursday evening; Gasthof WeiBes Lammon. Martha had the same thing again and Jim had Greek Salad and a huge bowl of pancake soup. Said he hadn’t had it since in was in Austria in 1977. It actually has pancake/crepes cut into thin slices in the soup. Plus half liter of beer apiece and then a quarter liter on top of that! Full and satisfied we walked back to the telephones where we used our new telephone card to make more calls home! Got back to the room about 9 pm.

Working on my computer as Jim reads his Rick Steves’ guidebook (and taking Tums). He really is in to those books! But, I told him tonight at dinner, in the future we can visit Hallstatt, but no more overnights. It’s too far to commute to everything else. Would be better to stay near Salzburg and drive out to Hallstatt for a day’s visit! Church tomorrow at 10, so time to get some shut eye! I had two nights to do this evening, just wasn’t up to it last night. Having some troubles with stuffy nose; hope it not from the wet shoes! Hope to take a day off tomorrow and do nothing. But if the sun is out we’ll probably do the Ice Caves! Jim kept the heater on in the room all day today; so, we have a nice toasty room tonight. It was very cold when we got home last night! Jim is in the shower right now and I’m next! We’re calling this the three T’s Trip….trouble with telephones, toilet paper and televisions….we’re having trouble always finding them!

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