Saturday, March 12, 2011


Wednesday, September 20th, 2000 Brugge

Today is our daughter's birthday; but no phone in our Holiday House, so the calls will have to wait until Friday in Holland. Slept in until after 9 am. Jim was up early and went to pay the owners the bill and return the extra key before I was awake. Also, he got some extra towels. But then we found the ones on a high shelf in the bathroom. That’s probably why the owner was surprised when we asked for extra towels.

Dressed, we walked to the Town Square. Couldn’t get into the church to see the Madonna and Child carved by Michelanglo, closed for morning. So we finally found a bakery and had some coffee, chocolate and a sweet roll about 11 am. Purchased some bread and a candy bar before leaving for an afternoon snack.

Afterwards we went for a half-hour boat ride in the canal. Boats are always full of tourists and are located all over town. Fun and the driver spoke in three different languages. Walked all over and found things closed for lunch. Postcards were available so I got five of them for my scrapbook. But we did manage to find the town tower open and so we climbed to the top. It was 366 steps up a very steep, twisting tower.

That is 88 meters high. The tallest tower in Europe built of bricks. Had a view of the surrounding area, including the coast. Jim wanted to find a special place for lunch and we walked quite a ways, with a stop for toilet at the house on the way. Arrived just before closing and found that we had gone in the wrong direction…bad map reading. I wanted to eat there anyway, but Jim decided it was too expensive. Trouble time. Turned around and walked quietly the other way! By this time everything was closing. But, since it was after 2 pm, the church would now be open.

Yes, we got into the Notre Dame of St. Mary’s that has the beautiful statute of Mary and child by Michaelanglo. It was originally commissioned for a church in Siene. But a family from Bruges purchased it for this church, one of very few that are located outside of Italy.

Afterwards we found the money machine and agreed on Hamburgers, fries and cokes from the Quick Sandwich Shop, a copy of the Macdonalds style franchise. Very, Very good! Tummy is now full and attitudes have improved. Stopped at a lace shop and purchased a lace butterfly for us and a small windmill as a gift for the Realtor that is handling my business while I'm gone. Then home to rest and type this story. Dinner tonight will be bread and either wine or beer at the apartment. That’s ok…my feet are tired. Lots of carriages pulled by horses for the tourist to ride around in; each horse as a bag attached to catch you know what so that it’s not all over the city streets. Nice touch! Wish more cities did that.

Watching Angie Dickerson on Larry King on CNN. Talking about her life and how now she is still working but playing the grandmother. Jim returned with two bottles of wine and two cokes for tomorrow! Dinner is set. Now will read my book and watch TV with Jim.

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