Friday, July 1, 2011


Saturday, March 14th, 1992 Paris

The room location at the Victor Hugo Hotel got old last night as the cars came by throughout the night. A very sleepless night for me. Jim seemed to do okay with earplugs. We missed the alarm and woke up at 7:45 instead of the planned 6 am. We really had to scamper to check in the car after getting gas. 100f. Checked in the bags and made the 8:45 am flight back to Paris. But we did it! When we arrived in Paris we first made sure our reservations were confirmed for this afternoon for the 4:15 flight to Strasbourg. We return early Tuesday am as to then go straight to Lourdes.

Our schedules were set and we caught the Orly bus (after storing three bags at the airport) for downtown Paris. (42f) On the trip in we sat separately. I was with a mother and daughter who spoke only French. As I listened I gathered the daughter had just returned form a trip to New York. Finally I asked if they spoke English. Both did and we had a great conversation on the value of travel for young people. The daughter had spent two weeks in New York City, the second week at a University in the State of New York on exchange program.

Then we caught a city bus #68 to d’Orsey Musee, art from 19th Century. Only a few years old, done in a very old train station along the Seine across from the Lourve. Very impressive, saw lots of Van Gogh and Gaughin among others. Jim fell in love again! Said he liked it better than the Lourve. Fee was 62f and well worth it even for the two hours we had.

Heading back by city bus we stopped at a sidewalk cafe for brunch…steaks, fries, stuffed tomatoes, greens, cokes all for 140f. Back to Orly by bus for 42 f and we were back at the airport and off to Strasbourg. Located on the boarder of Germany it has been both German and French. Took a bus from the airport to center of city for 70f and got out in the town square with no reservations and it’s 6 PM. Drizzling and cold. Jim left me in the bus stop shelter with the luggage while he checked it out. Came back in about fifteen minutes and by then knew where the cathedral was located and the hotel area. We walked about four blocks and found everything. We’re in a three story hotel, their last room, which is a lovely garret room on the fourth floor. Timbers in every corner. But, very modern and nice. The best we’ve stayed in yet and only 680f. Tough on Jim.

We unpacked and went to the square around the corner; the cathedral bells were ringing. We made the 6:30 PM Mass. It was beautiful. There were six altar boys, two of which were girls all in long while robes. The organ played and the echo was phenomenal! Back to our room where we made soup, bread and peanut butter, with chocolate and coffee with snickers bars for dessert. TV entertainment for tonight. Lots of German with French subtitles. As another surprise Jim gave me some edelweiss flower earrings this evening.

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