Monday, August 29, 2011


Sunday, March 9th, 1997 London, England

Jim was up early and off to London by tube (subway/metro) to video tape the sites of London and also to go to a museum or two if time allowed. Randy and Patti are going into London…she’d like to see The Buddy Holly play if time. It’s the only Sunday play. Barbara is going into London to shop she said.

I called Barbara and asked her about going to church; she agreed so we headed to the airport and caught the tube to London. We couldn't find the Catholic Cathedral; so instead we decided to attend mass at Westminster Cathedral.

After church we headed towards Harrods Department Store. The shopping got old pretty fast and I decided to return to the hotel on the tube while Barbara continued to shop.

When Jim and Barbara returned (each on their own) they joined me for dinner at the restaurant in the hotel and then we all visited the spa for the steam room and spa. Still no AOL from Barbara’s sons, so it was an easy evening on the Internet.

Spent the evening packing our suitcases and then off to bed by 11 pm. Didn’t talk to Randy and Patti all day. They must have made the play in London.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see how they took all their purchases home on the airplane! Also for a previews of our next adventure.

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