Monday, August 8, 2011


Tuesday, April 16, 1996 Stuttgart, Germany

I slept in this morning and Jim and Barbara went out into the town until about 11 am. We were checked out of the hotel and on the road by noon. Took some doing to get out of town, first of all we were on walking malls and had to drive on a sidewalk! Then we had trouble finding the road to Germany. But we finally stopped at an Autoroute station and asked for directions. Also picked up some food for lunch. Found the back way to the German side of the boarder and crossed though some quiet countryside. Saw a lush green golf course along the way. Never saw a guard or any indication that we were crossing the boarder into Germany except for one sign. Finally found the Autobahn and we were on our way to Stuttgart and the Porsche factory.

We got to the factory with no problems. Jim was like a homing pigeon! He has been on a waiting list for the Porsche Boxster for two years and it's still not released. He's hoping to see one in the factory. We all three went into the small museum and found it very interesting. Jim found out about the factory tour and where to be for it tomorrow morning. The gentlemen in charge gave him a limited edition pin of the Boxster. Parts of the factory are closed to visitors due to the secret production of the Boxster auto. He was able to take a video of the photo of the car in the museum. He also verified that it is being released in Scottsdale, Arizona in September.

It took us a while to find the center of Stuttgart. Most of the old buildings were destroyed during the war. But we finally found it. Had difficulty finding an available room. Finally got the last ones at a small hotel by the name of Hotel Pflieger. Jim and I have to use the WC down the hall! But we do have English speaking channels on the TV. Barbara got on the telephone and called the Marriott in Frankfurt for reservations using the International Entertainment Book. Will be nice going in knowing where we’re going to stay. We walked downtown and shopped some more. I picked up a lead lined bag for film. Jim found his German sugar bowl. Barbara bought several gift items. Lots of nice things in one particular store. But…then we’d have to take them home. Ate dinner at the Movenpick. A very nice restaurant in downtown across from the old square. Saw the palace from the outside only. We’ll be on our way to Frankfurt tomorrow after Jim returns from his tour of the Porsche Factory.

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