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Before starting our new day...I found more photos from our visit to Bath...rather than changing yesterday's photos I thought that I'd add them here since so many of you love the photos.


Saturday, March 8th, 1997 London, England

We were up early and down to breakfast in record time. Dining room was crowded as the hotel is full for the weekend. Randy and Patti had a great time at the Theater last night. They’re going to spend the morning touring the Roman Baths. We’re to meet at noon in the lobby to leave for London.

It’s raining outside! Jim is off to an art gallery. Barbara and I are going shopping. Everyone had a great morning except for Patti who is hobbling and in pain because her left ankle continues to pop in and out. Yesterday’s walk really aggravated the problem. She’s looking forward to the spa at the Holiday Inn. Finally on the road we settled in for a two hour trip in the rain.

We stopped outside of Reading and had some food at a Burger King. It was here that I found an extra umbrella. Seems that Barbara saw it on the floor in the hotel lobby and thought it was Jim’s. She picked it up and put it in the car for him! Randy took over the wheel for some English driving experience. Then on to Windsor Castle for a quick walk through.

The Queen was in residence getting ready for William’s Confirmation the next day; but we were still able to have the tour. It is closed when the Court is in session. The Doll House was well worth the extra fee. It took several hours to go through. Still raining!

Jim & I watched the guard at the Guard House while Barbara shopped after we’d finished St. George’s Chapel. We were debating walking closer for photos when all of a sudden he started shouting very loudly; “Get away from my gun!” He kept repeating it until the young girl who’d walked up towards him for photos crossed back over the white line. Really scared everyone in the area. We hadn’t realized what the white line on the pavement meant until that incident occurred. Barbara came rushing out of the shop to see what had happened!

On to The Holiday Inn Crown Plaza in West Drayton, London. We got checked in and then proceeded to attempt to find a recommended restaurant. We also took some time and called the airlines to confirm our return tickets. Couldn’t find any record of Barbara’s ticket. She looked at her ticket and found that when she had them changed for the price savings they’d put her on a return flight on March 11th. The day after we are scheduled to leave. But, we were able to get her ticket rescheduled for the 10th. Good thing we decided to call early about our flights.

On to the restaurant….Randy was at the wheel and gave us a thrilling ride up and down dark streets. The recommended restaurant was too smoky so we conditioned to look at various places for dinner. After about an hour we settled for a pub called The Plough. I finally said pick one or take me back to the hotel!

The dining room was separated from the bar by a curtain so it wasn’t too smoky. Food wasn’t bad except for Barbara’s lasagna which looked bad and tasted even worst. Ale was great! We’d filled up the gas tank during the search for a place to eat so after dinner the boys dropped the girls off at the hotel before searching for the Budget Car Rental to return the car.

They were actually much faster than expected. Confusion reigned when they returned as Randy had forgotten his room number and was knocking on the wrong door. He came to our room and called the desk and finally got his room number. Barbara is upset because her sons are not answering her e-mail. Will have to see if they actually got it when we get home. Off to bed and we’re all going to do our own thing tomorrow.

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Mary said...

Love Jim with his Burger King Crown and the extra pictures were great. It just amazes me about all the people (friends) that Barbara has in so many countries. Did she write alot of letters to keep in touch? Thanks for the Mexico story