Sunday, June 14, 2015


I learned a few things last week:  1)  socks with toes in them are fabulous!   No new blisters.  But today I exchanged my new size 9 for size 10 shoes for use on my journey.  The 9 is fine for walks under ten miles but over that my toes begin to hurt!

So after making three trips to Big 5 Sporting Goods and several other sporting goods stores I still could not find my shoe in a 10.  I even looked on the Internet and everyone was "out of stock"!

Today I decided to return the second pair that I have not worn and then spend the $100 for the shoe that is similar but not the same.  Twice the cost!   I took another look when I returned the shoes and my prayers were answered!  Someone had returned a size 10 that is in perfect condition!  So I am now set with shoes and will give them a run tomorrow when my daughter Jenn and I do a long hike.  Then back on the shelf for use for only long walks until time to go to Spain.

Last week's milage:   47.37 miles   (M: 7.14; T:2; W: 10; T: 5.07; F: 12.52; S: 10.64)

Jim is walking three to five miles most days and every once in awhile we meet and walk together for a part of our journey.  He still has not made up his mind about going on part of my trip.

Buen Camino


Leslie in Oregon said... are amazing!!!

Leslie in Oregon said...

Hello, Martha. I am a longtime solo (and duo) female traveler about your age who probably tends to err on the side of taking too many risks. Nonetheless, I am concerned by an article on page A8 of today's New York Times (print edition, June 20, 2015) reporting the disappearance of a 41-year-old American woman who was walking the same pilgrimage you are going to take. She was last seen in Astorga. She is an experienced solo traveler who apparently was not part of a group on this pilgrimage. I'm certainly not suggesting that you not do the trip, but I thought you should have the information in this article.