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Thursday, April 26th, 2018                   At Sea

Mass was at 8 am.  Had to rush as I woke up at 7:40 am and it was still dark!  We lost another hour at 2 am.  Our English newspaper had headlines today about the fact that the Jury found Bill Cosby guilty in the sexual assault case.    We always look forward to reading the Times Digest of about 8 pages that is delivered in multi languages every morning with the latest up to date news of the world, the weather and the economic market!   It helps waylay the trauma of being without the live internet.   Our cell phones are constantly reminding us that we have not updated for DAYS!    

This morning we learned that Father Mike will not be continuing on our cruise.  He has been a daily fixture in our cruise and well loved by all.   Our only complaint is that on days in port the eight o’clock mass is replaced by one at 5 pm; we are scheduled to be at dinner at 5:15 pm so have not been able to attend.  We could do the 11 pm mass for the crew but we’re sound asleep by that time.  We think that God will forgive us since we do many more than one Sunday mass each week while on this cruise.  

This morning I signed up for the 9K Walk for Cancer.  A fund raiser done each cruise; Minimum donation is $20.00 to participate; $5.00 of the fee pays for the white tee-shirt and a rubber bracelet; the rest goes to the charity.   There was a group photo and a grand start where those that completed did nine laps around deck three.  This is where everyone walks and 3.5 laps equals one mile.  I’m never sure just how accurate that is as I get various amounts on Map my Walk but that may be because of the lack of Wi-Fi Service.   Mary joined but only walked a few and then continued to cheer us on with the crew!   I found a fast walking Canadian woman, named Lorraine; and we walked together which was great in making the time past faster!   She is an avid bicycle rider and in great shape.  Traveling with her mother and sister on this cruise. 

We finished in time to go to lunch at 11 am and then off to listen to the talk on the Heavenly Stars which was very interesting.  During lunch someone shouted out that there was a whale spotted on the other side of the ship and everyone raced to the other side of the dining room!   Didn’t see anything!  But the ship listed to the port I’m sure! 

We watched the movie “The Commuter” in the room…a murder mystery.     Dinner tonight was a Gala Attire meal and we all dressed up a bit.  Fun to see the men in suits and a few in tuxes and/or white dinner jackets.  A few beaded dresses on the ladies.  And, jewelry came out of the room safes to add to the sparkle of the evening. 

Shirley was late and we got worried so I went to her room and found her at the door ready to come up.  She was not happy to see me but I explained the waiters were holding up the food waiting for her to arrive.  She’d had trouble putting new medicine and bandages on her arm and that’s why she was late.  But she settled down at the table and even gave me a glass of wine from her bottle that she’d purchased at the table. 

After dinner Mary went to bed early and the rest of us all went to the Ocean Bar for music.  Jim and I did one dance and he also danced with Shirley.  A fun evening for all of us.  We were all on our way to our cabins by 9 pm. 

Today I did 9,743 steps   4.37 miles.   

Friday, April 27th, 2018    King’s Birthday and also a day in Brest, France

To celebrate the King’s birthday we all wore Orange clothing, a few hats and one couple wore a sash of orange. 
We woke to the captain’s announcement that we’d arrived in the port of Brest, France and people could start leaving the ship.  It was 8 am.  We have technically completed the crossing of the Atlantic.  Now we are entering the North Seas.  Mary and Shirley met us for breakfast in the Lido; the weather was cold and rainy…55 degrees.   The rain was icy and the wind was sharp!     
The village was delightful but the weather made it hard to enjoy.  Jim and I went out first to check things out.  We found that the free shuttle actually makes a complete loop about every twenty minutes and there are two of them.  The Wi-Fi works well on the bus we found.   We sent lots of posts on Facebook, checked emails and sent messages.  It’s nearly nine hours difference from here to California so it’s hard to catch people awake. 
We got off at the first stop at the Castle/Fort and walked through the town.   Very cold but interesting big city on the port.   We found a large grocery store, Carefour, and purchased our favorite chocolate bars that we love to find in Europe.  They are plain wrapped heresy bars for five for 1.8 euros.    We continued to walk toward the shuttle route and when we saw our bus and waived …. The driver stopped and picked us up. 

Back on the ship we enjoyed lunch and then took Mary and Shirley out for a loop on the shuttle bus without getting off so they could see the city.  That also gave them an opportunity to use the Wi-Fi to text and received emails.  

Today for the King’s birthday we attended the extra special Tea at 3 pm. 

Very nice, in the formal dining room and all very proper!    Just enough to fill but leave room enough for dinner.  At 5 pm we were at dinner with casual dress and as we departed the port we had massive waves that rocked the ship through the evening.  

Tonight we attended the main theater show where a flutist performed andshe was excellent.  A nice mix of classic and traditional music with a Spanish flavor.  We were in our rooms shortly after 9 pm.
Today’s news was about Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Moon Jae-in of South Korea working seriously on a peace treaty to finally end the Korean War. 

I did 6,956 steps today  3.07 miles.    We also texted Wendy today for her to contact the Tour Company and confirm they were mailing her our tickets for the June tour pilgrimage that Mary and I are taking together to Medjugorje for ten days.

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