Thursday, May 24, 2018


Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018     COPENHAGEN, DENMARK              SUNSHINE!!    BUT COLD

The stock market report today shows the DOW at $24,099.05.   We have daily reports in the newspaper that now arrives about 10 am since we are so many hours ahead of New York.  I woke about 6 am and found Mary in the Lido at breakfast when I arrived at 7 am. We are all excited today about our Hop on Off Bus tour of the city of Copenhagen.  The highlight is getting off to photograph the “Little Merimaid”, famous because of the writer Hans Christian Anderson.  

Our movie today is “Wonder” with Julie Roberts.  It’s fun with the movies as they first show them twice in a theater and then the next day it runs all day on the television.  So most of our movies we watch piecemeal depending on what else is going on during the day.   Many times we see the end before we see the beginning
It was nice having email and we were able to catch up on the world, send emails, texts and most importantly post to Facebook before leaving port with photos and a brief story to keep friends and family updated on our trip.   We also contacted our nephew Kevin regarding our planned meeting in Stockholm in Sweden at the end of our journey.  

During our two hour tour we had an opportunity to go to a souvenir shop…surprise surprise…. And we purchased a small stone with a mermaid, very tiny, for our cabinet at home.    Today was a special day for the Danish people, a new minister is being appointed and it is also the Prince’s birthday so flags are flying and the royal yacht is in port.  

On the tour as we passed the rows of small homes built for the sailors and their families we were told that when the sailors were gone for months at a time, it was very common for the wives to open their windows indicating that they were alone and would like company. We all got a good laugh! 

Shirley’s camera memory is full so she is busy deleting photos to make room for more in the coming days.   We were able to purchase a USB Stick (shaped like our ship) but I can’t seem to connect her IPhone to my laptop.   So, she has to delete, delete, delete.  We’re all doing that actually but I do have an advantage in that I can download to my computer.  

Tonight was another casual dinner.  They were showing the movie “Star Wars the Last Jedi” in the big theater today for those that did not go ashore.  After dinner we went to the main theater and were entertained by Ronald Moray, a Dutch master of Magic and Comedy.  He was truly amazing as he did the entire show in both Dutch and English.   His best two tricks were taking rings from three people in the audience and looping them together.  Then he had a small table that took off like an airplane as it moved around the stage with no wires.

My steps today 9,706, 4.18 miles.  That included many steps and several trips off of the ship for the internet.  

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018       Warnemunde, Germany                       Weather Sunshine but cold

Up about 7 am, went up to the Lido and watched as we cruised into the port; a beautiful town that we plan to walk through today.  We’ll be here until 11 pm as nearly half of the passengers are heading out on buses for the nearly thirteen hour drive to Berlin.  Most of the time will be driving to and from the city.

We had breakfast with the girls at 9 am and then Jim, Mary and I went for a two mile walk along the canal in the village and on through the town.   Along the canal there is a “love lock” chain designed for them so that they would not attach them the rails on the bridge.  We ended up walking into town after we reach the beach and visited a Lutheran Church.  It’s a beautiful town and there were many flowers planted along the canal.

Back to the ship for lunch, we each went our own way afterwards and during that time, Mary went out to an area that was open air for better photos and fell coming back in.  She hurt her ribs, left shoulder and hip but appears to be sore muscles more than anything broken.  But, she will be down for several days.

After making sure that Mary was resting comfortably in the cabin, we took Shirley and walked with her to the train station which included steps down and up to go under the railroad tracks, then over to the canal to admire the locks of love again.  She enjoyed her little adventure and the exercise was good in the open air.  We talked with Kevin about our visit with them in Sweden and he and Melissa are going to take the train to the ship and meet us outside at 9 am for breakfast in the town where we will dock. 

Dinner tonight was smaller and we only had six at the table.  Mary did come for dinner but was really feeling the pain big time.  Afterwards we walked back outside to the town for Wi-Fi so that we could answer the message from Jim’s pharmacy about a prescription.  

Our movie today was “Draft Day” with Kevin Cosner.   Received a text from Paula; her neighbors across the hall are moving to the new Del Webb development.  Will be interesting to see what it sells for.  

13,740 steps today!   5.89 miles.
The Flipino crew had a show at 11 pm but we didn’t stay up for it.  There was also a Rostock-Warnemunde Brass Band that played around the pool tonight along with German food on the Lido Deck.  We opted to eat our regular dinner.

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