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Friday, April 20th, 2018       AT SEA --  WE'LL BE ON THE HIGH SEAS FOR FOUR DAYS

Today the clocks moved forward another hour at 2 am. 

Mary and I did morning Mass.  Jim did some laundry again today.  Mary and Jim attended a lecture on Astrology in the afternoon and I went to two different computer classes about Windows 10.  I may start to use Edge when I get home??   I also got my computer out today and began transferring my notes to this journal.     Since we decided not to purchase internet time on this trip; I will continue to write in Word and then transfer the story to my blog after we arrive in Amsterdam for our extended stay at the end of the trip.  When in port I’m sending out a short story and photos in Facebook.  

I did twenty minutes on the elliptical machine again today but no miles on the deck.  Its cooler outside and the waves are choppy.   Makes walking a bit more difficult.  

Dinner was casual again tonight and Jim purchased a bottle of Merlot at the table.  We drank half tonight and will enjoy the rest with dinner tomorrow.  They put your room number on the bottle and bring it to your table each night.    At a BnB many years ago in Florence, we had the same service.  Nice to know you don’t have to drink the whole bottle at one sitting.

We were the same group of eight for the first time; our four plus Al, Nancy, Steve and Myra.  Enjoyed crab cakes for my main course tonight.  Desserts are great and all the servings are small so you can enjoy them without guilt!    Mary has started a trend at the table by ordering cold soup in a glass.  I was the only woman who didn’t order one last night.  But, she admits the absolute best was the coconut one that tasted like a Pina colada on the first night.    Mary purchased a white stole today in the ship’s store and Shirley also went to the store and got one for herself.  And, Shirley purchased her individual photo taken on the first gala night.  It’s a great photo and a good memory.  Everyone seems to really be enjoying the journey.  The girls are even talking about future journeys.  

I met a very nice woman named Karen outside of my computer class; she stopped me to tell me how much she enjoyed watching Jim and I dance in the evening.  Ended up exchanging information and she may someday make a great travel partner for Mary.  I gave Mary her card with the information so they can have lunch together and get to know one another.  Mary needs a travel companion that loves the early morning and not the late evenings!  

After dinner Mary and I attended the evening show, a Las Vegas Singer who did Impressions of many of the famous singers from 1960s to 2000.   Excellent and a standing ovation at the end.  We looked for Shirley in the Casino and Mary was willing to go to the second show at 10:30 with her but when we finally found her, she was in their room and getting ready for bed.  

On the way, we’d stopped at the Ocean Bar to look for her and talked with Al and Nancy for a few minutes.  I grabbed Al and got a short dance before heading to the room where I discovered that I was missing one of my two bracelets that I’d put on for the evening.   I rushed back to the dance floor and then headed for the showroom when I discovered it was up near my elbow under my shirt!    Back to the dance floor to let Nancy know I’d found it before heading off to bed.  It’s going to be another short night as the clock moves ahead at 2 am.   Total 6,886 steps for the day.

Saturday, April 21st, 2018          DAY AT SEA

We slept late and missed breakfast by less than ten minutes.     Jim took his blood test for sugar for the second time and is once again at 110….per Mary who knows all about it…. This is okay!   We read the morning newspaper; a small Digest of yesterday’s news that is available in many different languages each morning.  Jim found some orange juice and coffee is always available…. That was breakfast today.  Before we knew it was 11 am and lunch began to open slowly.  

I went out on the deck….the starboard side was so windy I could not open the door because of the strength of the wind; I went to the other side and got out; windy but not too back with a jacket on.  I was one of many getting their walk.  Everyone walks the same direction and that helps the flow.  Got in a mile and then sat with Jim while he read his book and I worked on my computer until the power ran out.  So I’m finishing this in my room.  Will change into my gym clothes and go do my elliptical walk.  Jim and Mary are enjoying the second lecture on the solar system and Shirley is enjoying life somewhere on the ship.  Tonight is our second Gala night which means dress up as opposed to casual.  

I turned on the TV on the elliptical machine and found the funeral service for Barbara Pierce Bush who passed away this week.  It was on several channels and I watch while I did my twenty minutes on the machine.  Made the time fly and when I finished, I walked back to our room and soon Jim joined me as we watched the entire service.  Beautifully planned by Barbara as she anticipated her death.  Her granddaughters each gave a portion of a reading about Barbara’s life.  Her namesake granddaughter, one of GW’s twin girls gave the second reading.  Jeb gave the family eulogy and said his mother was telling him not to let the tears flow.  The pastor mentioned the fact that the church was full and it would have been a great day to take up a collection and again…Barbara’s voice said “don’t you dare”!   A lot of light moments as they remembered the good things about the Silver Fox.  As a young woman, she turned gray overnight when her daughter Robin died of leukemia at the age of three.
Soon it was time to dress for the second Gala Evening.    We all arrived in time to visit while we waited to be seated at our regular table.  Al and Nancy were no shows and we “assumed” they’d gone to the 5 pm Mass.   Their bottle of wine arrived but not them.  We finally decided to remove their bottle and have our dinner without them, but they were missed.    Steve and Myra joined our group again this evening.    Another fabulous dinner menu to select from.  I chose the halibut and Jim found something that once again had some duck in the mix.  

After dinner we walked about the ship; stopped at the dance floor but didn’t dance.  Never found Al or Nancy and tucked into bed by 9 pm which we thought was 10 pm.   My total was 9,548 steps (4.31 miles) along with 20 minutes on the elliptical machine.  How do I get so many steps….I rarely take an elevator.  I walk the stairs and with a room on the 2nd floor and food on the 8t ; I have lots of opportunity to add steps all day long.  Tonight was my turn to do laundry and leave it hanging in the shower all night.

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