Saturday, October 4, 2008


Saturday, October 4th

Up at 4 am, breakfast downstairs by 5:15 and we were on the road to the park & ride. Thousands of people had the same ideal but we finally arrived just before dawn about 6 am. What a marvelous experience we had for the next three hours. Rumors are that there were between 700 to 1000 balloons lifting off this morning. We were constantly marveling at the scenes surrounding us. Hope you enjoy the photos.
Also added a few from our afternoon visit to Old Town.

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Anonymous said...

I am chartruese! The Albuquerque Balloon Festival is on my bucket list....yet we never seem to get there. did you know that i used to wantt o hae my own balloon? then the kids all grew up an i ralized that my 'gruond crew' had moved away. You've inspired me to make the fstival a priority NEXT year. You GO GIRL - Enjoy!