Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thursday, October 9th

By 9am we were headed west out of Grand Junction and our eight hour journey through the vast southwest began. We stayed on Interstate 70 for about an hour. During that time we received a call from friends Leo & Sandra who had left Santa Fe and headed back to Albuquerque to pick up I40 for their trip home; they called to tell us they were getting another balloon experience as they entered the northern part of the city; the sky was again filled with balloons!

When we arrived at Highway 191 we headed dead south towards Moab and several of the National Parks. Our first park was Canyonland National Park. You'll see photos of two rock formations named after the Monitor & Merrimac. Our next park was Arches National Park. Some of our favorite rock formations: The gossips, sheep's head, balanced rock and of course the many natural arches.

From there we headed further south enjoying the views of the snow capped La Sal Mountains. We enjoyed views of the famous Monument Valley for many miles before finally arriving. While in the area we visited the Goulding Trading Post; famous for encouraging the movie industry to make their western movies among these unique natural creations. Did I mention that we're driving on a two lane highway? Jim's enjoying passing as I try not to watch! Our gas mileage has gone astray...we're having trouble keeping it at 40 mpg. Something to do with setting the cruise control at 70 mph most of the time. Gas prices are good so that helps. The weather is beautiful, sun is hot, very few clouds and it's windy.

Arrived about 5pm in Tuba City in a dust storm. Everyone seemed to be going about their business as normal; the fair is in town and the rides were spinning. You couldn't pay me to be outside tonight! We're tucked into a small motel called Dine Inn along the highway and amazingly they have WiFi! Decided to give it a try and when I found the Network, Jim walked over to the office and they provided him a code. So, here I am again.

Tomorrow we're headed for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and possibly Bryce Canyon.

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