Sunday, October 5, 2008


Sat & Sunday
Our glorious Saturday morning turned windy and overcast by the afternoon and balloon activities were cancelled for the afternoon and Sunday morning. Fireworks went off as scheduled Saturday night but that was all. We enjoyed the afternoon in Old Town and then met back in Old Town with our group for a celebration dinner on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Evening

The weather cleared in the late afternoon and Twilight Glow was held. We almost didn't go because it was touch and go as to whether or not it would occur. We heard it was on and headed for the field. Hope you enjoy the was another magical time with a field full of fully inflated tethered balloons that were constantly being lit by gas jets every few minutes. The field would start to count down from five to one to encourage the balloonists to all light at the same time. It was a great show and lasted for about an hour. Then the balloons were removed from the field and another fireworks show that lasted over half an hour. Well worth the trip to New Mexico! Tomorrow we head north after breakfast with our friends.

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Norm and Nancy said...

AWESOME! You have inspireed me! I'm going to work on Nrom to make 2009 be our yer for the balloon festival. Aren't the 'night burns' just the greatest?!?! Wht an experience your are having. Let me know when you get home and I'll call yu. It will be nice to hear about it 'first hand.'

love to you both,
Nancy & Norm