Thursday, October 2, 2008


Jim and I left home about 9 am this morning, October 2nd, heading towards New Mexico in our Prius. It was fun to pack everything we wanted as space was not a concern on this trip. We're meeting two other couples in Alburquque tomorrow; both neighbors in Eastlake.

Today we averaged about 65 mph to conserve gas...yes, we're getting about 50 miles to each gallon! We headed towards Needles and then after Kingman we traveled the slower but more historic Route 66. Bypassed by Interstate 40; motels and gas stations are only shadows along the highway slowly decaying into their memories. Towns are ghost towns and the biggest industry now seems to be the promotion of "Route 66" memoribilia. Tonight we're staying in a small hotel in Williams, just west of Flagstaff, and the whole town is dedicated to the prevailing theme of Route 66. This was the final town that Interstate 40 bypassed in the late 1980's where Route 66 ran through the center of town. Enjoyed walking through the town after checking in for the night. Tonight we're watching the Vice Presidential Debates.

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