Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chateau de Maisons-Laffitte

I went out to find croissants for breakfast and found the crew up and ready for their trip to the Chateau Versailles; a half hour ride by train outside of the city. The segway trip last night was successful. Others had gone to the local park to listen to the music until they closed the park. Can’t believe the energy they all have!

At 9:30 am we met Mary and Tushar in the lobby and headed for the train station for our trip to the village of Maisons-Laffitte just outside of Paris to meet our Parisian friend’s Nicolas and Maeliss. A short twenty minute ride with only one transfer and we were transported to a delightful village; small enough that we walked everywhere.

They met us at the train station with their little girl, Nine…fifteen month’s old…in the stroller. Off to the twice a week market for shopping, then a quick look at their new home that will close escrow in a few months that is just across the street from the market. Soon we were on our way to their third floor flat for lunch so that Nine could take her nap while we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Maeliss.

The time flew as we shared stories and information about many thing but mostly babies as Mary and Tushar are expecting their first and were excited to learn about the raising of Nine over the past year! We enjoyed a gourmet lunch from soup, green beans, new potatoes, pork roast, a selection of cheeses and salad followed by a delicious dessert!

Nine woke and we were soon off to the local Chateau that dates back to 1636. Designed by Francois Mansart it was a model of classical architecture. Over the years much of the land surrounding the Chateaux has been sold but there is still a sizable estate. The building is exemplary of classical French art, paving the way for Versailles with its symmetry, majesty and use of spaces. It’s not as grand as Versailles but beautiful and very interesting.

We arrived back at our hotel just after 4 pm and the rest of the group arrived from their outing after 6 pm. They were tired but ready to go again when we mentioned a metro trip to Montmartre and Sacre Cour….the large white Cathedral on top of the hill that can be seen from all over Paris. By 8 pm we were on our way again; minus Russ and Linda who were just too tuckered to go. When we arrived they wanted to eat first so Jim and I took Bill and headed out to find the Au Lapin Agile Cabaret and the Vineyard. Then we walked over to the Cathedral for a stroll through while listening to the nuns chanting vespers. It wasn’t quite dark yet even though it was nearly 10 pm so instead of getting on the Metro after the funicular ride down we walked all the way to the Moulin Rouge with the famous red windmill so that Bill could see the outside. Caught the Metro for the long ride home and decided to call it a night. Who knows when the rest will arrive from their evening adventure? The streets are alive with sound and it’s after midnight as I work on this journal. I don’t think the city ever sleeps!

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Nicolas, Maeliss & Nine said...

What a pleasure to see you all in Maisons-Laffitte !

We hope to see you soon in Paris again or in the U.S. !