Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Overview of Our Upcoming Journey to France

Pack your bags and kiss your loved ones goodbye....we're off on another adventure in just a few days. Next week we fly away as fast as we can across the seas to our favorite vacation spot: France. Our first week will be spent in the city of love....celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with six of our seven children and their spouses.

At the end of the week we're off towards Amsterdam in our little French car to watch the beginning of the 2010 Tour de France! This is our third time to be in France for the most famous bicycle race in the world. We'll follow the race to Reims and then and on into the Alsace Lorraine area staying in Colmar. From that point on we'll be seeing bits and pieces of the race but concentrating more on the champagne and wine region known as Burgundy. We'll dip into the northern tip of Provence before heading west towards Carcassonne, the Pyrenees' Mountains and the Bordeaux Region where we'll say goodbye to the bicycle race and stay for a bit in the Dordogne Region. Then it's off to see the Loire Valley Chateaus, those in Ile de France and finally a few nights in the forests of Rambouillet before driving back into Paris for the final few nights!

Are you as tired as I am from just dreaming about our adventure? Get some rest and mark this blog as a favorite so that you can easily open your eyes in France each morning with us for our eight week journey. A Bientôt


Norm and Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary!

I look forward to following yet another adventure with you. Safe journey!



dendalee said...

I can't wait to hear about your adventure. I look so forward to doing some traveling this year myself - to Ireland. (Hopefully) My best friend and I are planning on going once we find a great deal and are both able to take off from work. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the rest of us who wish we could be there!