Sunday, April 24, 2011


Thursday, November 2nd, 2000 Attempting to do laundry.....

The plan today was to do the laundry. Well, you know about the best laid plans! We

found the local one and it was closed.. .looked like they'd stopped in the middle of

the day as there was laundry piled all over the place! Since it was market day and in

the same area we walked through the market. Mostly clothing. Reminded me of a

swap meet at home. Went back to the hotel and got our maps for Girona.

The weather is overcast and the surf danger sign is out on the beach, but not raining.

We drove to Girona and continued to drive all through the ancient part of the city

looking for the information office and/or parking. Finally found underground

parking in the new part of the city and then walked until we found the information

office. Found the public water closets next to the information. She showed us where

a Laundromat was located but said it would be closed from 1 to 4 pm. Standard

operating time in Spain!! Walked over the ancient stone footbridge which crosses

the Onyar River. This river is nearly dry and divides the city! The city is very hilly.

One needs good walking shoes because parking is almost impossible anywhere

except the underground garages in the new part of the city.



Walked to the Laundromat through the town. It was called the LARO. But as the information said, it was closed between 1 and 4 pm. We could have done our own but it was all connected with a full laundry service. It was already 12:30 so we knew that one wouldn't work either. Oh well, another day for laundry! Walked about ten minutes back to the car and headed back to Tossa de Mar. Ate our lunch in the room. Wine from Italy (purchased in Orvieto), cheese, bread, candy and a can of sardines for Jim. Starting to sprinkle outside.

There was a car bomb explosion in Barcelona last night. Two persons injured.

Today there was a car bombing in West Jerusalem which killed two people. Once

that story broke we didn't hear any more about Barcelona. Not much good news during our call home today either. Read until about 5 pm then walked to the store to purchase more cheese for the car tomorrow, coke and breakfast rolls. Jim treated me to another great Magnum Double bar for an early dessert on the way back to the hotel. Saw a wooden duck we'd like to purchase for our collection at home, but luckily the store was closed for the season!!! Drank two beers before going to dinner. A bottle of wine with dinner of swordfish for Jim and more pizza for myself.

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