Friday, April 15, 2011


Tuesday, October 24th, 2000 Road trip back into France....

Woke up about 6 am, still too early for breakfast. Jim dressed and walked the 240 some steps up and down to the water to see if they were putting any boats in the water. No luck! But good exercise. Weather is clear but cold. Had breakfast, checked out and walked up to the car by 8:24 am. They’ve predicted that we’ll have some rain possibly within the next two days. But then the weather people are not always right! Made it back to the autostrassa by 9 am and headed towards Genoa. We arrived about ten after ten and accidentally got in the wrong lane….made a side trip to Genoa. Took us about twenty minutes to get turned around and back on the Autostrassa. But, the good side is we got to see a little bit of Genoa. Saw a very old wooden sailing ship at a dock. Lots of new and old buildings. Big City!

Hit the French boarder by 12:30 pm. By that time we managed to spend all but 2300 Lire which is about $1.00, on diesel, toll fees and food! Always a challenge to estimate how much you’ll need at the end of each country. Could have actually paid the final toll at the boarder in Lire but we didn’t have enough! Paid our fee in French Franc left over from earlier in the trip. On the boarders they will use money from either country!

Saw an Automobile Museum on the Autoroute just outside of Canne. Took a break there and Jim enjoyed the museum for half an hour and I relaxed in the car and coffee shop! I did my second stint of driving after the museum for about half an hour. Always happy to turn the wheel back to Jim. These European drivers are crazy…especially when one has not driven much recently!

Arrived in Avignon about 4 pm and the short drive on to Venasque only took about another half-hour. We checked into our hotel, Les Remparts, with no problems. No TV nor elevators but lots of charm and amviousance. We’re on the fourth floor over the restaurant and can smell the delicious aromas floating up the stairwell! We’ve made reservations for dinner at 7 pm. Spent some time and reshuffled the luggage. Brought everything in, as we’ll be here for five days and six nights. Dressed for dinner and walked through the town. It’s very small and easy to walk about and see everything.

Dinner was a gourmet’s delight! The chef is a master and an artist! Great meal! Jim is fast asleep in his separate bedroom. Our room is divided with a small double bed in each room. The bathroom is in my room. We met a delightful couple at the table next to us. Overheard their conversation about planning a canal trip on the Midi next year. Couldn’t help but share our experience last fall with them. We’re sending them information when we get home. Arnold and Lynn are from Virginia Beach on the East Coast. They just came from a few days in a private farmhouse. Seem to travel regularly. About our age. He has just retired and they plan to travel even more.

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