Friday, April 29, 2011


Tuesday November 7th, 2000 Beaune, France

Rainy and cold, hoping it doesn’t reach freezing as the barge is temporarily on a water line from shore as their water tank broke last week!! Great French breakfast, breads and jams; then off to walk around Chateauneuf. Had lunch there at a restaurant recommended by Lisa. Seemed to be the only thing open in the whole village! Me thinks the end of the tourist season has arrived! But it was excellent. She specialized in pancakes…Jim had a Normandy and I had a Mexican…meats and cheeses and sauces! Roaring fire in the central fireplace. We were the only ones there during the entire meal. Had lots of fun and got warm before proceeding back to the barge.

On the way back we stopped near the pasture and called the cows; they came up to the fence and we were able to get some great photos. The cows are all white. Mostly bulls and their meat is the best beef in France. They are called Charolais.

When we arrived back at the boat the other guests for the next two nights had arrived. Bonnie and Terry from Boston. (I called her Bunny the whole time and didn’t know I was wrong until after they left the barge!) About our ages. They’ve also been in Europe since September 1st and don’t go home until end of November. Really had a great evening. Raining outside but we were snug inside and talked for hours. Ate dinner on board with Terry and Bonnie. Terry was an airline pilot, just retired. Turns out he graduated from high school in 1956, same year as me, in Indiana. (North of Indianapolis.) Bonnie is in her 50’s and grew up in Indianapolis. But they met years later. Terry has his laptop with him and has been connecting over AOL rather successfully on the trip. They only make their reservations about a week ahead. They’re waiting to go to England after the rain stops to stay with friends before leaving for the States. Bonnie was an art major and she and Jim are having a ball talking about Art in Europe. Terry and I talk about computers and business! We’re trying not to talk about the elections! [We've remained good friends, visiting over the years as often as possible! Mostly thanks to the Internet...we didn't see each other again for over five years..... and now we see each other several times a year!]

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