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Wednesday, November 8th, 2000 Beaune, France

Breakfast about 8:30 and off to Beaune to check with the Information Office. Still raining. While at the information office we signed up for a Wine tour on Thursday. Then toured the Hospices de Beaune built in the Eighteenth Century for the poor of Beaune who were ill and/or dying. Wonderfully maintained as it was in the centre of the city. Purchased a French cookbook in English.

At 6 am this morning, CNN had the election results with Bush at 237 and Gore at 232. Florida was the largest one still undecided with 25 electoral votes. By 9 am reports stated that Bush had won the election. By the time we returned in the afternoon, word on CNN was that Florida would be recounted and the election would be up in the air for several days.

Weather today is dry but overcast. Rain by noon as we left Beaune for the south. Took the autoroute to Macon and then went West just a bit and then north. Stopped at Cluny first. Not much to see as it is the ruins of a famous abbey. It was larger than St. Peter’s in Rome during the medieval days! Museum was closed during the time we were there, lunch time is noon to two o’clock. Raining, but we walked around the town. Lots of very old Romanesque buildings. Very old!

Then drove North towards Taize to see the modern abbey. Newer buildings but not as much European charm as we’re used to seeing! Drove through but didn’t get out of the car. Then up the road again to the town of Chapaize which had a very old church. Beautifully restored but the floor is sinking and has caused one wall to list! Brancion had another old church. But other than old churches they don’t have much except for charming old villages!

Back to the barge and a wonderful dinner with Bonnie and Terry. Really enjoyed their company. We walked over to the local restaurant for dinner together. Sat around the fireplace and really enjoyed our evening. Returned home about 10 pm. We were the only diners in the whole restaurant!

Lisa told us a story today about the “A” on the back of automobiles. When a driver is newly licensed they are required to put an “A” on their automobile for two years to warn others drivers that they are newly licensed. Lisa kept her’s on for nearly four years she said! She doesn’t trust the French drivers.

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