Saturday, May 30, 2015


   Sounds a bit much for a 76 year old woman but I'm determined to complete the pilgrimage done each year by thousands of people across the top of Spain.  To prepare for this journey I have begun to walk each day.    I try to do some hills in addition to my walks around the lake.  I've been racking up a minimum of five miles a day and sometimes more.  Today was a record breaker as I started early in the morning and completed ten miles!!!   My legs are killing me this afternoon and I also managed to get my first blister today before completing three miles.

     Tune in and watch my progress.  Next weekend I'll carry my pack on one day to see how I'm doing with the packing.  It's a process of trying to carry as little as possible but still have everything that I need.  Yes...these are the sandals that I'll be wearing on the hike.

     I'll begin to make these posts from my cell phone soon and hoping to discover how to post photos on the web for you.  But, the posts may be much shorter than usual and fewer photos for sure!

As they say on the camino....buen camino


Bonnie said...

Miss Martha, just heard of the Sunday evening news (05/31) that a 92 year old woman successfully finished the San Diego marathon doing 17 minute miles!!!!How's that for inspiration! When she was interviewed her comment was "If I can do it you can...all you have to do is start walking." Oh you fabulous California girls.

Leslie in Oregon said...

Are you walking west to east or the opposite? (In other words, what is the pilgrimage to?) Looking forward to reading more, Leslie