Sunday, July 5, 2015


Week six was only 40.9 miles but two day I carried my backpack (3/4 loaded)!  And we hosted a 4th of July party for the family.
Sunday was a day off....Monday was 9.7 miles....Tuesday was 5.6 miles .......Wednesday was 13.7 miles.
Thursday was a gold star day since I carried my backpack for the first time around the lake for 4.09 miles.  Friday we cleaned house for our family party for the boat parade that started at 9 pm.
Saturday was the 4th and we enjoyed a slow 7.8 hike in the hills with my backpack.  Today has been a rest day watching the the Tour de France and the finals of the FIFA woman's soccer.  Great game!

The hills are very brown which is normal in the summer as we live in the high desert.  We sometimes forget as we water everything and usually have beautiful green landscaping everywhere.

But because of the drought they have stopped watering the public greenbelts along the streets and everything is rapidly turning brown.  They have installed special sprinklers for each tree to hopefully keep them alive.   If the predicted rainstorms happen this should all be green when I return home at the end of October.


Leslie in Oregon said...

Now that is a lovely thought...coming home to no-longer-parched, green hills! Martha, are you carrying everything in your backpack throughout the pilgrimage, or just what you need for the day? (I am following you and another woman who will be walking this route this summer, and I may have mixed up the specific details of those two trips.) More importantly, have you always been unstoppable? Your energy and determination, as well as your zest for life, are amazing...and inspiring!! Once again, bravo!! With admiration, Leslie

Martha said...

My mother would have said I was subborn. But yes...I have done many things others would not have done. I moved to California after high school for college and I was only 17 years old. I did have sisters and a brother who were already here. I've driven across the USA twice by myself...once with 4 kids under the age of 5...
Yes...I will be carrying everything I need for the entire trip in my backpack. I will be so tired of the clothes by the time I arrive home! Good to chat with you...martha

Leslie in Oregon said...

I once lived in and with just what I could carry in a rucksack for an entire summer of European travel. I liked the simplicity of having so few clothing choices, and even though my travel clothes were definitely worn out when I returned home, I had a hard time giving them up. It will be interesting to see how you feel! You certainly have already done some very, very challenging things: driving across the USA by yourself with four children under age five has to be among the most difficult (almost impossible) things anyone could do. I'd say you are resourceful, resilient and daring, ...especially fine attributes in today's world. You are a true hero, Leslie