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Saturday, November 18th, 2000 Paris

Slept in this morning. Jim finally went out and brought back some rolls to go with our chocolate, orange juice and coffee. Dressed warmly and took our umbrellas as we headed towards the Metro. On the way there we saw a gold leafed flame statute. Around the base were flowers. When we investigated, it is an old statute in memory of the Statute of Liberty torch that sits above the tunnel where Princes Diana was killed. People have hand written notes and fresh flowers all over the base to honor Princes Diana. It is very near the Eiffel Tower on the banks of the Seine River.

Into the Metro and three stops later we walked through the park towards a small museum that now houses over sixty Claude Monet paintings donated by his son in 1971. It is known as the Musee Marmottan after the man who donated his private collection and home as a Musee to the city in 1932. Wonderful display with some originals by other masters as well as Monet. One of the nicest Museums that we’ve seen on the trip. Had planned to go to the Picasso Musee, but decided not to go after finishing the Marmottan.

Back by Metro, three transfers and we achieved a stop much closer to the hotel. Weather has been very overcast all day, but not really raining. That’s contrary to the television weather reports which says it’s raining in Paris. Plan to go to a local church for Mass tonight so we can get an early start tomorrow for the airport to turn the car in and do the final packing of the luggage for the airport. Also going to a different restaurant in the area tonight after church for dinner.

As we arrived back at the hotel this afternoon, the wine shop across the street was doing a promotional on the new wine...known as Beaujolais Nouveau....designed to drank within a year! He had his tasting cup on a ribbon around his neck. We chatted, took photos and tasted a glass. Actually much better than last nights, but no room in the suitcase! We surprised him when we knew about the way to check clarity with the metal cup! More information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beaujolais_nouveau

Decided who the hotel clerk looks and sounds like…Peter Strauss, who was the star of Rich Man….. several years ago. Could be his twin brother!

Jim took the phone card out to a phone booth to use the extra time on the card by calling family. Good thing he’d told Russ that he was on a calling card! They all had a good laugh at his sudden hang up when the time ran out on the card!

We had dinner at Le Bosquet after attending church in the neighborhood. They were very busy tonight and had a full house. Good thing we arrived right at 7 pm. After dinner we walked over to the Eiffel Tower again and were rewarded with a strobe light show which lasted about twenty minutes.

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