Monday, May 9, 2011


Friday, November 17th, 2000 Paris, France

Up during the night, too much wine then the motron upset the stomach! Rough night to say the least! Sure didn’t want to move much at daybreak! But the sun was out and after a light breakfast we walked to the car to check on it as it’s in an outside lot and there’s lots of luggage in the trunk. Everything fine. Then walked to the National Hotel of Invalides, only a few blocks, to see Napoleon’s Tomb and the Military Museum.

I left after the Tomb and went back to the hotel to rest and recuperate; Jim really enjoyed the military museum. Jim picked up crepes from the shop on the street, and brought them up to the room for our lunch. The Rue Cler is a famous shopping area. They have all kinds of food stalls plus a ton of restaurants in the area!

Walked out and purchased a large inexpensive suitcase to take things home on the airplane. It was only 199 Franc which is about $25.00. Should make it easier getting things home. Rain started about 5 pm but had stopped by the time we walked over to last nights restaurant to try the onion soup. Also had Beaujolais Nouveau, the new wine for 2000 season. It’s very popular in Europe to drink the new wine, which comes out on November 16th! We missed it by one day! Walked home the long way so that we could look at the Eiffel Tower lights at night. We’re only a few blocks from the Tower. Nice evening, drinking lots of bottled water and watching the political story in America on Bush and Gore!

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