Thursday, May 12, 2011


Monday, November 20th, 2000 Traveling home

Sun came out as we left Paris over an hour late. We were scheduled to leave at 10:20 and didn’t lift off until 11:35 am. Rather uneventful flight over. Everyone pretty much stayed awake as it was daylight the whole way home! Arrived in Dallas about 3 pm. They’d made up most of the time we’d lost in Paris. Breezed through customs with no hitches and fast walked all the way to the next terminal to catch the flight to Ontario. Probably should have requested a cart, but didn’t think about it. They kept passing us all the way there and Jim was more than a little bit upset with the drivers constantly asking us to move over so they could get past us. When we arrived at the gate they were already loading all passengers and we went straight for the gate! Settled in and ready for our final leg of the journey we relaxed and waited for the take off.

Arrived timely about 5 pm at Ontario International Airport to the waiting arms of our good friends Dave and Shari. They were waiving a sign they had made with our name and little American Flags! Soooo good to be home!

We drove the Fiat 16,650 KM or 10,323 miles. The cost of the car with rental, fuel, parking fees and toll fees was approximately $36.00 per day. We were gone 70 days. Although we didn’t do the trip for $100 per day, we averaged $170/day including air fare and the car and all those wonderful meals! And that also included all the cans of soup we carried home for our party!

I hope that you've enjoyed our three months adventure in Europe. I'm going to take a break for a month and then will post another of our trips for your enjoyment. Mark your calendar to check my Blog on Father's Day, June 19th for the beginning of another adventure!

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