Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sunday, November 12th, 2000 Traveling towards the Lorie Valley

Woke early and finished breakfast before the French couples came out. In the car and on the road before 9:30 am. Overcast with no sun! Made it to the self-serve car wash in Pouilly before the rain arrived. Our first experience and it went well except that we were short on change and didn’t get the car as clean as we wanted. Have yet to see a full-service car-wash!

By noon we were seeing our rain. Stopped a few times, but rained most of the day. Jim said to make a journal entry about his candy. It’s the anis (liquorice) that we bought the other day. They are little tiny balls that you suck on. He’s been eating them steadily since we purchased them while driving in the car. Said they help keep him from getting hungry!

Stopped about 12:30 pm at a grocery store for supplies for the car for lunches. They turned out the lights as we left…we just made it! Store that are open at all on Sunday generally close about noon.

Arrived in Blois about 3 pm. Found our hotel, the Anne de Bretagne, a lovely old hotel near the Chateau Blois. We rested; Jim played with the remote control….no English but he’d missed changing the channels. Then we walked in the rain to the Chateau and did the tour. Very interesting. Blois was the seat of government for the Kings prior to moving it to Paris.

No restaurants open but we found a bakery with sandwiches so we got a slice of pizza to split and two pieces of quiche Lorraine. Ate them right there as it was raining outside! Then we walked around town for a while before returning to the hotel and an evening watching French TV and computer work. I found out accidentally that I could open my photos full screen from the Explorer window! Had fun looking at lots of the photos I’ve taken.

Well, time to close and shower. Tomorrow we start to see as many of the Chateaux in the Loire valley as we can manage to squeeze into the next three days!

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