Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sunday, November 19th, 2000 Last Night

Left the hotel about 9:30 am and drove to Charles De Gaulle Airport and the Ibis Hotel at Roissypole, a complex of hotels and office buildings in the vicinity of the airport. We checked into the hotel, emptied the car and then drove to the airport to return the car. Found the return area without too many problems. Will have to watch the Visa bill to make sure we weren’t charged extra for anything.

We returned to the hotel on the hotel shuttle bus from the airport. Arrived back at the hotel about 1:30 and had lunch there. Then spent several hours repacking the suitcases utilizing the newest case that we’d just purchased in Paris. This way, we have the correct number of cases and no boxes to deal with! You can tell we're ready to go home when we spend the last day of the trip at the airport!

Jim returned from his walk around the area and we then went together to investigate the train/bus station that is right next to the hotel. Tomorrow should be a “snap” for getting to the airport! Much faster and easier than the shuttle bus.

Dinner at the hotel was OK…nothing fancy. Washed our hair and got to bed about 10 pm. One last day in paradise!

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