Sunday, September 11, 2011


Thursday, September 11th, 1997

I stayed up all night finishing up moving things back in the house from the remodel still in progress in our laid plans didn't work...they should have been finished months before our schedule trip! But the house will be livable for guest expected to use the house during our absence.

Super Shuttle van arrived at 5 am and we were off to LAX. I slept all the way to the airport. Arrived at LAX about 6 am, got checked in and waited for the plane. Left on time at 7:56 am….arrived in Chicago and ate pizza for lunch. We were living right as the flight left right on time from Chicago and we were headed for Germany!

It was a long flight but we had plenty to keep us busy and even managed to sleep a bit during the trip.

Dave & Shari had similar luck with timely departures until they were ready to leave Chicago. Apparently someone on a connecting flight did not get on the plane so they had to take off all the luggage for inspection. They were already aboard the plane and had to wait during the search without the benefit of fresh air! But, time was made up and they arrived just after Jim & I (about 10 minutes later instead of 15 minutes earlier as scheduled).

It's Friday, September 12th in Frankfurt, Germany as we landed....lost a day somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean!

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