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Tuesday, September 23rd, 1997 Oberammergau, Germany

Breakfast at 8:00 AM. We made sandwiches and checked out for an early start as we had lots of places to go! Took out the computer after charging it all night and had absolutely no battery. Guess this story will have to continue at night in the room. The difference in electricity in Europe vs. USA plays havoc with the computer.

Spent several hours on country roads to Berchtesgaden. We passed over the boarders several times during the day. Never had to stop and show our passports. Not hard to do as the scenery was postcard perfect all the way! From here we started up the hill to 3,300 feet where we parked the car at Obersalzberg. There we got on a bus and continued up the hill for 4 ½ miles to Kehlstein where we walked underground to an elevator for a 400 foot ride up to the top. We finally arrived at Hitler’s Eagles Nest.

A retreat built in the late 1930’s for Hitler’s 50th Birthday Present. The view was wonderful. We could see for miles into Bavaria on one side and Austria on the other side. We were definitely at the peak of the mountaintop. Took some great photos and collected a few rocks for mementos. Bought some beer and ate our sandwiches while we were there. Also sang happy birthday about four times for Shari’s mother who was 88 years old today.

On the bus trip back we saw some of the people who were at the Mozart’s concert last night in Salzburg…started a conversation with them and found out that they were ERA brokers from Florida and Virginia. They know the Teacher’s Office and also several California agents. They are going from here to a tour of the Greek Isles that they won in a contest with ERA. Had a great conversation with them. They also new many of the real estate brokers in California. The world really is "small"!

Back on the road by 1 PM we headed for Innsbruck. Arrived and drove through the town but didn’t see anything to get excited about. Mostly a very big city. We were also anxious to get on to Mittenwald in Germany. Walked around the town. Very Bavarian with lots of paintings on the buildings, etc. Wonderful little church with four beautiful crystal chandeliers. This is the town known for violins. We found several violins makers at work in their shops. Jim picked up water and Shari found a thimble for her mother and a lovely edelweiss flower pin for her lapel.

We had a mini concert on the street as we were leaving with four young people playing violins. One way for them to earn money. They were very good. Back in the car we headed on towards Garmish-Partenkirchen. Saw the 1936 Olympic Ski Jumps and drove through the town. Didn’t see too much else but there were some lovely homes in town.

It was nearly 6 PM when we arrived at Ettal Monastery; but it was still open and we were able to go inside and see the beautiful church again. We lit another candle for Anne and got a book with great photos of the building for Shari. We’d forgotten the huge single chandelier of iron and crystal that is suspended from the dome high above the seating area. Lots of gold statutes. Very rococo.

Back on the road we finally arrived at Oberammergau. Shari & Dave love our choice of the Wolf Hotel. The flowers on the outside of the building are fantastic. One of the best we’ve seen all day….and we’ve seen lots of flowers on buildings. Put our bags into the room and immediately went down for great dinner in the hotel. The people next to us were from Colorado and Shari had a great conversation with the wife about their past, present and future trips to Europe. Walked around to window shop and each shared a dish of ice cream. Jim & I had an extra fancy one called spaghetti ice cream…it was put through a press that made it look like spaghetti. Found lots of nice things to consider buying when the stores open tomorrow!

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Loved the Photo's today. Up in the mountains at Hilter's Eagle Nest. The views were wonderful. It's so great to share your trip with you and your friends. You must have kept great notes to be able to journal the way that you do.