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Monday, September 29th, 1997 Wurzburg, Germany

Breakfast at 8 AM in one of our prettier breakfast rooms overlooking the Tauber Valley. The only thing that could have improved it was some sunshine. The trees are being to turn colors as the evening are cooler and therefore the mornings generally have some morning fog. Delightful breakfast, no cut up fresh fruit but otherwise a full breakfast. We made our sandwiches with the added treat of prosciutto (a salty preserved ham).

Leaving Rothenburg we found the Romantic Road and headed to Creglingen about twelve miles North. The Romantic Road or Romantische Strasse is a very picturesque zig zag road that runs from Wurzburg to Fussen (near Oberammergau) through medieval villages and 2,000 year old towns.

Just outside of Creglingen we found the Herrgottskirche which is a small 14th Century Pilgrimage Church built because of the finding of a “host” in the field. Now it is famous for the Virgin Mary Altar wood carving by Tilman. Across the street is a Thimble Museum or “Fingerhut Museum”. We met the owner of the museum, Hemet Greif , who told us the story of the iron sign on the building in halting, but very understandable English. He’d learned his English in two weeks to prepare for a trip to Seattle for an International Thimble Convention in the 1980’s. Shari’s mother is a collector and she purchased a thimble for her from this shop which is known internationally.

Back on the Romantic Road we forged ahead to Bad Mergentheim. There we looked for a Palace called Deutschordenschloss. When we finally found it; it was closed on Monday. But, we were able to see the inside of the church and the palace grounds. Found very old trees which had pipes in them to both drain water and support them. It appears to be a very lived in palace….more practical than elegant. We then walked further into the center of the old city looking for WC. Wonderful old buildings. It was noon and the bells were ringing during our video taping. Purchased our cokes and dessert for lunch before returning to our car. Drove around until we found a place to sit on a bench next to the car and also overlooking a river where we enjoyed our breakfast sandwiches.

After lunch we headed towards the autobahn…had to go south again to find it but then made up the miles going north into Wurzburg. Arrived between 1 and 2 PM. Didn’t have a city map so headed towards the Residenz. Figured we’d see that and also get information on a city map. Parked and then found out from a couple from Minnesota that it was “closed on Monday”! But, they had a city map and showed us the way to get to our hotel. It was very close! They told us that the garden’s were open….they’d been closed during the winter in 1996. So we spent an hour walking through the gardens. One of the highlights was the thirty foot trees which had been trimmed to a point…like a top! Near the base it was totally trimmed away and there was a statue under the tree with the based of the statute consisting of the tree again trimmed into a box shape. Dave was especially delighted as he loves to trim his bushes at home. Tons of flowers everywhere you looked. The roses were not in full bloom at this time which was a disappointment. You could definitely tell that they’re getting ready for the winter snow.

Back in the car we headed to the St. Josef Hotel on Semmelstrasse. Parked the car and checked in after we put our bags in our rooms. The day had become warm and we walked without coats or sweaters. First to the marketplace and the Dom; St. Killian’s Cathedral where we listened to a brass band on the street. Then further down the street we had a string quartet playing classical music. Soon we were at the walking bridge across the Main river. You could see the Marienberg Fortress long before we reached the bridge. A mammoth structure located across the river from the old part of the city.

On the way over we stopped to watch the locks bring a large barge from one section of the river to the lower section. Then we finished crossing the bridge and walked to the next bridge which has the lions on each end. Back across the bridge and through the town finally arriving at our hotel about 5:30 PM. We’d walked about 2 ½ hours! Everyone was tired. We checked on the restaurant in the hotel and decided to have our dinner there at 6 PM. One of the interesting things that we’ve notice throughout the trip is that the Germans use very large cranes for building…even with shorter buildings. Shari is best at spotting them in all the large cities and sometimes even in the small towns.

Dinner was delightful with pork and french fries for Dave & Shari; Omelet for Jim and pizza for I. Of course with beer! Shari ordered an orange drink and got what looked and tasted like Gatorade she said. After dinner we walked next door and purchased double scoops of Italian Ice Cream for dessert which we walked just a little ways to settle the stomachs and see the Fortress with the lights on it at night. In our rooms early and no English programs on TV. Whatever will we do! Our rooms are inexpensive, but clean and comfortable. No frills such as CNN! Tomorrow we’ll be spending most of the day in Wurzburg before going to Frankfurt for the last night of our trip!

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