Thursday, September 15, 2011


Monday, September 15th, 1997 Berlin, Germany

Up and away by 9:30 am. Rain seems to be going away. I am coming down with a cold from having wet feet yesterday, me thinks. Everyone else seems fine. Walked the streets a bit after breakfast looking for a place to buy “purple cows” candy bars. Seems the Westmoreland children all did a commercial for Milka Candy years ago and never saw the commercial or the product. Finally found a grocery store and purchased the candy, more drinking water and several other things including blue baggies which had German words all over them (we thought we were buying ziplock bags) to store our lunch sandwiches at breakfast.

Drove to Berlin without stopping…hit lots of traffic and had several very slow miles during the trip. Arrived in Berlin and found the hotel Lenz without too much trouble. The day was getting late so we took off walking towards the Zoo where we were told that we could get a bus to take us around the city. Walked a long ways down Kurfurstendamm Street which is very similar to Champs Elysees in Paris. All the top designers have shops on the street. It is very wide with lots of trees and wide sidewalks. Saw several girls with very high platform shoes; both leather and tennis shoes. Lots of people sitting outside cafes drinking and eating.

Arrived at the Zoo and purchased a bus ticket as advised on bus #100. It took us into East Germany and we could see the difference in the buildings. Could see where the wall had been and what was happening since it came down in 1991. Lots of new construction happening, especially in the zone on both sides of the wall. When we reach the end of the ride, they had us get off the bus and get back on another one for the return trip. Fortunately a Chinese lady on the bus knew what was happening and told us in English. Then we repeated the trip. It wasn’t exactly around the city, but we all felt it was worthwhile. Walked back up the Kurfurstendamm towards the hotel with a stop at the Burger King for a fast food dinner complete with ice cream desserts. Made it an early evening as everyone was tired from the long drive.

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