Friday, September 16, 2011


Tuesday, September 16th, 1997 Berlin, Germany

Got an early start this morning for our drive to Potsdam for the Sans Souci Park and Palaces. Took us a while to get out of Berlin, but we made it with Jim driving and Dave giving directions. Found a parking place by the Neues Palais for only 8 DM….plus 4 DM for the parking place and another 4 DM for the required brochure…which we used.

We discovered that the Neues Palais is closed on Tuesdays…each of the Palaces in Potsdam's Sans Souci Park is closed on different days of the week. Shari was very disappointed as this one had more of the things that she really wanted to see. Arrived at the Main Palace and purchased tickets for the tour. Had to wait for nearly an hour for our tour. Walked around the guest house but decided not to spend the extra fee for that tour.

When we went in for the tour we were required to put on large slippers over our shoes to protect the floors. They were fun to slide in (like kids do)! They gave us an English translation paper to help us understand what the guide was talking about. We all enjoyed the tour. Walked all the way back to the car where we purchased a beer at the café and enjoyed our sandwiches before starting back to Berlin for our second night there.

Arriving back in Berlin we went to the Pergamon Museum. Parking was easier than we expected. I read my novel and waited with the bags while the other three went to see the treasures with earphone explanations. A good time was had by all.

We then went in search of the “Berlin Wall” and Checkpoint Charlie during rush hour traffic for a better view than we'd had on the bus tour yesterday. Dave was driving and Jim was giving directions. Accidentally saw what we though might be the wall so we stopped the car…yes, it was a remaining piece. Walking distance to Checkpoint Charles which we’d just driven past in the car. We walked over to see it better and took some photos. Back to the hotel in rush hour traffic!

After freshening up we strolled down the Kurfurstendamm looking for an outside café for dinner. The evening was warm enough for our blazers. A beautiful way to end a marvelous day of touring. Shari had called Kristen before dinner and received the good news that the wedding problems were solved (a son is getting married in a few months), but her Uncle had suffered a heart attack but is recovering. I called the office after dinner but no news on the progress of the house….only messages which Priscilla had already taken care of for me.

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