Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9, 2013 Sunshine In Sorrento

We woke to storms during the night but early morning was clear.  Bonnie and Jane are catching the train today to explore Naples and also Herculaneum per their email that we received this morning; they will be having a long day!
We were up by 7 am watching the brave ones arrive for their day trip departures.  Sure enough, about 8 am, the skies opened and it poured buckets of water for a little longer than an hour.   But, the good news is that it stopped, the sun came out and it has been a beautiful day.   I thought you’d enjoy the photo of the fruit man who peddles his wagon/bicycle down to the harbor each morning.
About ten o’clock we caught the little bus and went up to Piazza Tasso at the top of the bluff.  There we immediately checked emails in the free wifi zone and then walked towards the south end of town checking the stores for Mary’s postcards.  I was looking for the TIM telephone shop for more time on my phone; had to wait my turn for about half an hour but was rewarded with a smile and good service.  There was only one person in front of me when I arrived but their service is generally long and involved no matter what you are purchasing.  And, by waiting patiently, you will be given the same undivided attention when it is your turn.
We visited the Sorrento Cathedrale to see the beautiful interior.  Especially enjoyed the miniature scene displayed in a window inside the church.  Reminded me of the miniature scenes that are tucked in to corners of the road to Almafi.   You have to be quick because the road is very narrow and twisting; and most of your attention is on the sheer cliff views of the water.
There is a special chair in the sanctuary that was used by Pope John Paul II during his visit.   The Stations of the Cross and the panels in the doors are all created with inlaid wood.
Walking on while looking for another church we discovered the original walls of the town and also a small park that displayed flags from several different countries including the United States. 
Walking back towards Corso Italia, the main street in Sorrento, we were rewarded with views of the Bell Tower for the Cathedrale.  Reaching Piazza Tasso we decided to stop and enjoy a grande cappuccino at Fauno Bar while we people watched the tourists.
Finally it was nearly 1:30 pm and we decided to head for the apartment and lunch.  On the way down we enjoyed a views of our apartment and the Harbor of Marina Piccola.    Once we’d arrived in the apartment we began working on our photos and blogs while we ate our lunch and I took one last photo using my long distance lens of the area where Bonnie and Jane have their hotel room.   It is just below and across the street from the dark gray building with red windows, a four star hotel by the name of Minerva.   The trees block the view of their hotel but having been there the first night we know where they are!
The day is still young…it’s nearly 3 pm but we’ve decided to go to the B&B for wifi time and I will post yesterday and today’s blogs and photos.   Hope you enjoy our little slideshow; the last few photos were taken at the B&B on the patio where we are doing our wifi:  

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