Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Hop on and Off Bus of Sorrento

My story begins yesterday afternoon when we decided to take the elevator up the hill.   As we arrived at the top our cell phone rang with a text from Jane.  They were on the train headed home; they decided not to go into Naples after their visit to Herculaneum. 
   So we walked to the train station to meet their train.   From there we walked towards Piazza Tasso and ended at the Foreigner’s Club.   A place for information and also a very nice restaurant that sits at the top of the bluff that overlooks Marina Piccola where we live.  We decided to stop for drinks and enjoy the views and when the skies opened with a heavy downpour we decided to also have dinner there.  But, we moved from the edge of the bluff to the covered dining room.  There was a wedding anniversary party happening in the main dining room but once they dropped the plastic walls it was very nice under the canopy that reminded me of tents in the dessert.
Mary and I headed down the hill and Bonnie and Jane continued shopping after dinner.  The rain had stopped and although it looked threatening we didn’t have any more rain last night.   I even went out again about 8 pm to use my cell phone on the beach under the B&B where I could pick up their wifi.  Everything is fine and grandpa Jim is enjoying meeting his youngest grandchild Andrew; our daughter Mary with her family arrived on Tuesday.  I went back down a second time about 8:30 to try to reach our brother who was meeting Mary’s husband at the airport in Florida.  It was after 9 pm before I finally confirmed that he’d arrived safely home from his trip to Indiana.
This morning I slept until after 7 am; that doesn’t happen very often.  Must have been all those trips up and down the sixty one stair steps last night!   The sun is shining and soon we had a text from Jane saying they were on their way to our harbor for their day trip to Capri.  Mary and I have both been before and decided not to go again.   Soon we could see them walking down the steps (our waterfall during the rain) and into the harbor area.  
We finished getting ready for our trip up the hill for our adventure.   We had been out once this morning early to check emails before starting our day.  We enjoyed visiting with the girls while they stood in line for their boat and then headed for the elevator up.  We find it better than waiting for the bus to leave; less stress and it’s a pleasant walk around the beach.  The elevators were built in 2012.   A nice way to go up and down and the same price as the bus. 
We first stopped to visit the church for the Convent of San Francesco D’Assisi.  Then we walked to the train station to catch the Sorrento Hop On and Off Bus Tour.  For twelve euros we had a beautiful trip that lasted nearly two hours.   It’s a double decker bus and we got seats up top.  Looked like possible rain as we left but it was a beautiful afternoon, a bit windy and cool but otherwise perfect.  Unfortunately our seats were on the left side and most of the views were on the right side.  But, as you’ll see in the slideshow; I was able to get plenty of photos.  Actually what you see if half of what I took.  We drove from Sorrento to Sant Agnello.  From there to Massa Lubrense and on to Termini.  Sant’ Agata sui due Golfi was the last village before returning to Sorrento.  
Along the way we had beautiful views of Capri in the Gulf of Napoli and then in the Golfo di Salerno we saw the Li Galli Rocks that are famous for the sirens or mermaids that distracted the sailors and caused shipwrecks; or so the story goes.
Soon we were back in Sorrento train station; departed and walked to the grocery store on our way home.  Picked up supplies to cook dinner for everyone tonight.  The girls are due back on the four o’clock boat from Capri.  Now it’s off to the B&B to post our blogs and photos.   Hope you enjoy our slideshow for today:  

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