Friday, November 7, 2014

Arrival in Florida for two weeks

November 1st arrived and we did put on our   I also snapped a photo of the towel folding demonstration…the swans…from two decks up in the atrium.
Halloween costumes for a quick photo and then you’ll see a photo of our new carpet with a special photo of the “red’ fish that swim upstream every five feet or so of the carpet.
The last night of our journey was high winds and rough seas; for those that have trouble with motion sickness…it was not a good day!    We all survived nicely and enjoyed our regular dinner before bouncing off of the walls on our way back to our cabin to pack our suitcases.   The water continued to bounce us around all night. 
November 2nd and we were off the ship in Tampa, Florida.  We pulled our own luggage off after spending a relaxing morning on the ship.  We took a taxi to the airport and then a shuttle bus to pick up our rental car at E-Z Rentals about noon.
Off to St. Petersburg where we’re staying with friends that we met in 2002 in the South of France during one of our long trips to Europe.   They have a beautiful home on Tampa Bay with a guest house just waiting for us.  What a change from the postage stamp bedroom on the ship to the beautiful and spacious room we’ll have for the next two weeks.  And, there is even a second bedroom for my twin sister Mary and her husband Phil to stay overnight whenever they can during our visit.  We are doing daily trips over the Sky Bridge to the Bradenton area to see my oldest sister who is having many physical problems right now.    Enjoyed the sunset over the bay and had fun when our cruise ship sailed by on its way to another weekly cruise.   Slept like a baby without the cradle rocking!
Monday arrived and we toured the Chihuly Museum in St. Petersburg and then enjoyed lunch with Bonnie in Gulfport at O’Waddy’s Restaurant.  Parked outside of the restaurant was an old refrigerator truck that had the side removed.  A musician who tours around the USA…living in his truck.  He parks outside of a restaurant with outdoor seating; easy to find in Florida and begins playing.  Hard to talk to each other but what fun and great music. 
Home by 2 pm; my sister arrived and off we went to visit my older sister where I spent the night.  The next day we all went back to Bonnie’s where Mary and Phil stayed two nights with us in the guest house.  We taught Bonnie and Mary how to play the card game:  Hand and Foot.  Phil enjoyed fishing from the dock and we all enjoyed meeting some new friends of Bonnie’s for a BBQ dinner.
It’s going to be a fun two weeks and I won’t be blogging again until we leave for Peru on November 17th.  So check back in around the 18th or 19th to continue our journey.  Remember when you see the slideshow; click on it and it will take you to the large version.
Here’s a slideshow of some of the photos that we’ve taken since last I blogged.  Thanks again for following our adventure….see you in Peru

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