Friday, November 28, 2014

Visiting Museums in Cusco

It’s nice to be back at the Inca Wasi Hotel in Cusco.  We slept until 8:30 am and barely made it down to breakfast before they stopped serving.  It’s going to be a slow and relaxing day for us.  Time to recuperate from our adventure at Machu Picchu.

By ten o’clock we were out the door to visit two Museums that are on our Tourist Pass and both are located with two blocks of the hotel.  Our first stop was at the Cusco City Hall.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located on two floors in various rooms along with their meeting rooms and offices.   We were allowed to take as many photos as we wanted; what an unusual event!  We were surrounded by groups of school children but you’ll enjoy the photos of the hacienda style building with the inner court that all of the rooms are off of.  

Our next Museum was the Museum of Regional History.   No photos, but I took a couple for you.  This was very historical art and artifacts.  One of the artist who’s work was displayed is also known as the Peruvian Michaelangelo:  Aloisio Bernardo Joan Democrito Bitti who lived from 1548 – 1610.  He was an Italian priest who came to Peru and stayed.  

A quote was printed on one wall that I took a photo of so that we could pass it on to you as it is so beautiful.  It was written by Mario Vargas Llosa – Peruvian, Noble Prize in Literature 2010
                “Museums are as necessary for countries as schools and hospitals….They also heal,
                not bodies, but minds of darkness that is ignorance, prejudice, superstition and
                all the defects that isolate human beings from one another, and fester them and
                push to kill themselves.  Museums….they sharp the sensibility, stimulate the
                imagination, refine the sentiments, and wake up people in the critical and self-critical
                spirit.  Progress does not only mean many schools, hospitals and roads.  Also and
                maybe, above all, the wisdom that makes us capable of differentiating the ugly from
                the beautiful, the intelligent from the stupid, the good from the bad and the tolerable of
                the intolerable, that we call culture.”

It was about noon when we walked slowly back to the hotel.  Stopped at an ATM to get enough cash for the balance of our trip.  Then into the hotel where we enjoyed several hours of playing our favorite card game Hand & Foot.    We’d played one hand last Monday which I’d won; we continued that game and Jim beat me by thousands of points.  But he agreed to a second game and I reversed the trend and did the same to him.  The ladies at the front desk brought us a plate of delicious chocolates while we played cards in the atrium.  

We’re in the room now catching up on computer work and plan to eat dinner tonight at a lovely restaurant that gets rave reviews and is located on the Plaza.  I’ll let you know when we get back how good it is before I close the journal for today.

Jim found another restaurant close by but a short walk uphill that sounded really good.    We walked uphill for about three blocks and found two Museums to go to tomorrow along the way.  We also found some five star hotels.  But the restaurant was closed.  We’ll have to check tomorrow to see if it’s open.  So we resorted to our original plan and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at El Meson de Espaderos overlooking the Plaza.  While we ate there was a political parade around the Plaza that added some spice to the evening.   Great food and nice décor; always nice to see cloth napkins on the tables.   We each had a beer, shared a plate of blood sausage and fries then we each had a bowl of soup.  It has looked like rain all evening but we made it back to the hotel without opening the umbrellas.  

While walking home I snapped a photo of this sign in an expensive shop: Black Friday....shades of America have arrived in Peru!

Another day is over and we’re enjoying an HBO movie with Spanish subtitles right now.   Not sure of the name but it’s funny. 

Thanks for sharing our day and it’s a small slideshow tonight.

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