Thursday, December 26, 2013


 Ah Paris....a phrase that Jim came up with as we were talking about the difficult times when we start to get on each other's nerves as we were walking along the crowded and pushing streets of Paris heading to the large department stores to see their windows.   Ah...Paris....I repeated and we decided that it would be a good catch phrase to let each other know when it was time to step back! 

Our day started about noon after a late breakfast/lunch.  We seem to only eat two meals a day which works out nicely for our waistlines and the checkbook!   About one o'clock I walked two blocks to check out the closest laundromat; it's just before our closest grocery store but on the opposite side of the street so we hadn't noticed it but found it on the Internet.  On the way I stopped to take a photo of our pedestrian/bicycle street that we take to the church and our closest Metro Station; we see the bell tower of the church all the way there.  Then I snapped photos of many of the art galeries that are on our street and a final photo at our front door of the Institute of France that sits at the end of our street on the Seine River. 

At two o'clock we dressed warmly, the sun was shining brightly but it was still cold outside, and walked to the Metro Station.  One change and we were at the Place de la Concorde. 
From there we walked to the Madeline Church, stopping along the way to enter the Galerie Royal for store decorations and a view of the Maxims that is closed for renovations along with the Ritz Hotel.

Headed west we were looking for the art galerie where Maeliss' cousin works; she and Jim had a wonderful conversation on the train home yesterday afternoon.   Not always an easy task as the streets often change names every few blocks but we managed and unfortunately it was closed.  But we enjoyed the challange.  Walking east we passed a new church for us called St. Augustin; very large and impressive on the outside we may return to see the inside on another day.  We passed the Parc du Louie XVI that has the mass graves from the Revolution.

The first store that we saw was Printemps, the windows were fantastic and we took time to go into the store for a quick stop for me and to enjoy the inside Christmas decorations.  Outside we waded through the crowds of shoppers and families with children who were using the special platforms built for them in front of many of the windows.

Soon we saw the Garnier Opera and behind it the Galeries main objective for the day!  I've opened my slideshow with my favorite photo of the huge tree that sits under the stained glass dome in the center of the main store.  The windows again were amazing.  I have to go back another day late at night when the children are in bed.  You can't get near them during the day!

But what a fun day as we climbed the escalators to the rooftop to see the views of Paris again.    Down again and off to the front of the Opera House before slowly walking south towards the Seine River and Place Vendome.  We were walking slowly because it was still not dark enough to really get the full effect of the Christmas Lights that illuminate the street from the Opera House to the Place Vendome and beyond.   We loved watching the policemen on their roller blade skates giving them the ability to quickly move from one area to another.  This area is known for very expensive stores! 

Soon it was dark enough for some good photos and then we walked all the way to Rue de Rivoli and then west to the Place de la Concorde.  There we got in line for a short wait to ride the huge Ferris Wheel next to the Obelisk with fabulous views of the blue white and red lights on the Avenue des Champs Elysees.  We also enjoyed the sparkling strobe lights at six o'clock on the Eiffel Tower while we waited in line for our ride. 

Back to the Metro and home by seven o'clock.  We enjoyed making our dinner at home this evening. We had lasagna, ham, cheese, bread with olive pesto, wine and dessert of creme brulee.  What more could you want...maybe those couple of pieces of chocolate we enjoyed with our second glass of wine after dinner. 

Hope you enjoy the slideshow:  

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