Monday, December 23, 2013

Our trip up the Eiffel Tower at night

The 22nd of December was a long and very special day that started early in the morning and ended just after midnight when we returned my for our 10:30 pn appointment to ride the elevator up to the second level of the Eiffel Tower,  It was raining off and on all day but we managed to walk nearly everywhere we wanted to go.

About two pm we walked to Notre Dame to see the large Christmas Tree out in front.  The scaffolding  that had stood in front of the church all year for the 850th celebration was gone and the area was wide open to everyone.  The lines were long to enter so we decided to wait until another tine,  Walk over to Shakespeare & Company to verify that they were having the Sunday Tea Party today that starts at 4 pm; then over to the I'lse St. Louis enjoying the Christmas trees on the bridge connecting the two islands in the Seine River.

Purchased some slippers for me and a hat for Jim  before returning to the left bank and our Tea Party at Shakespeare and Company,  We were early so found seats along the wall.  When the hostess Panmelys entered she immediately said that she remembered me from September and asked if I'd brought Mary's poem with me to read!  She looked at Jim and told him that she knew all about him.
Don't remember if I gave her a card with information on our blogspots.  Lots of fun for the next two hours.  The room was full and Jim read a Sonnet 156 of Will Skakespeare; a favorite of his since college days.  We had people from all over the world; mostly young but several oldsters also.

About 5:30 pm we left for home; the rain had stopped so we walked; it takes us about fifteen minutes; from the apartment to Notre Dame.  There we fixed a festive dinner and did some housekeeping chores before heading off to the Metro station about 8:30 pm.  We were prepared for rain but didn't have any until later in the evening.  We'd decided to ride all the way to the Trocadsero Station and enjoy the views of the Eiffel Tower before walking across the bridge for our scheduled elevator ride.

Sorry to say the Christmas Market that surround the whole area was already closed...Sunday night and rain!   After taking lots of photos we walked down to the bridge that crosses the Seine River.  There we took more photos and a man stopped and asked it he could take a joint photo of both of us.  French people are so nice!

Soon we were over at the entrance; no we could not go up any earlier, and it's lightly raining.  So we spent some time in the shop and soon it was time to get in line.  The rain had stopped and the wait was short so by 11 pm we were on the second level.  The views were crystal clear and no rain.  We decided not to go to the third level.  This was Jim's first trip up at night and he really enjoyed the evening.

Had to wait in line to get the elevator down and then the long walk to the Metro Station. was midnight by the time we arrived home.  Our five minute walk from the Metro Station was in dry weather.  Made a few phone calls, took showers and headed to bed before 1 am.

I woke during the night to an upset stomach and ended up spending the day in bed today.  Not sure why but maybe I just needed a day off.   Jim went out this afternoon and visited the neighborhood art galleries this afternoon.  It's now 9 pm and I'm feeling much better but staying with water and toast until tomorrow.   Some of you had noticed that some of my photos of lights are sparking and a few show snow falling.  Not sure why or how but I do love the special effects.

Also...if you've check on the website for you'll see me in two brief interviews about the Jours de Fete....   Hope you enjoy the slideshow below: