Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone

It's nearly time to turn out the lights.  We've had a quiet Christmas Eve Day here in Paris.  It's rained all day and we took advantage of the down time and read some books.  We did venture out in the afternoon for some grocery shopping as we figure they will be closed for the next two days.

About 6 pm we walked with umbrellas to our neighborhood church:  St. Germain des Pres; a five minute walk from the apartment.  The only seats left when we arrived were being saved for people; but we did manage to find two of the "kneeler" in the very back to sit on.  Better than standing!  It was a beautiful Mass but we could only listen as we could not see the Altar from where we were seated.

A slow walk home, finished making phone calls to all the children at home and now to bed....

Merry Christmas to all

PS:  Surprise call today from Citibank....someone cloned my credit card...oh well..always something.  Here's a little slideshow of the church...  

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