Thursday, March 26, 2015

Walk through Trastevere

The weather cleared and although we carried umbrellas, there was no rain during our outing today.  However, the Tiber River is very high and all of the walkways along the river are covered with water.   We started the day by taking a load of laundry to the shop on the corner; for only nine euros they will wash and dry them for us today.  We picked them up after we returned home and they were all very nicely folded and bagged in a clear plastic bag for us.

     When we reached the bus stop for # 46 at 10 am the local police were busy towing a cute little car that was parked too long on the busy street!   It kept us occupied while we waited for the bus.  Soon we were at Piazza Venezia and there we hopped on the #8 tram that took us across the Tiber to the very old area known as Trastevere.   When we first started coming to Rome this area was not recommended for tourists and definitely not after dark.   Today it is very popular to visit the old churches in the area and walk the ancient streets.

First we visited the Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest churches in Rome.  In the piazza outside near the fountain we stopped and listened to a woman who played on her cello for those that gathered around the fountain.   We practiced with our selfie stick...see the slideshow and even did a short video before walking into the church to enjoy the beautiful mosaics and paintings inside of the church.  Yes..we added a coin to her bucket!

Our second stop this morning was at San Crisogono where we saw the body of Saint Anna Maria Taigi in a side chapel.  Not too unusual to find these in churches in Europe.

 From there we walked to the Church of Saint Cecilia.  She has an unusual story in that she was a secret Christian and on her wedding night told her husband about her secret and also that she wished to remain both a Christian and to remain chaste!  Eventually he also converted and they were both killed defending their religion.  Beautiful church and along the top of the walls you can see the passages for the cloistered nuns to view the Mass while remaining hidden behind the screens.  Beautiful mosaics and paintings.
The statue of Cecilia under the altar is said to represent the form they found her body in when they opened her tomb just before it turned to dust.

     Walked along the Tiber River to the bridge that took us to the island in the center of the river.  There we visited St. Batholomew's Church  and then started across the pedestrian only bridge when Jim was stopped by a vendor who wanted him to purchase a black bag for forty euros.  Within minutes Jim had made a purchase for fifteen euros.  No bad, but real leather?  I don't think so.

     We viewed the Jewish Synagogue from the outside and started through the Jewish Ghetto.  Mostly stores, restaurants and a few authentic Kosher Restaurants.  We hadn't gone far when Jim got sidetracked by some ancient roman ruins that we began walking through.  By this time I would have given five euros for a toilette; but what we finally did was enter a bar when Jim purchased a soda and I used their facilities.  It had been a long morning; by now it was after one o'clock. 

We tried to get back on track with the Jewish Ghetto but eventually changed and looked for the bus that would get us to the church of Santa Mari in Cosmedin Church that has the famous Mouth of Truth in the entry.  We had to stand in line to give it a try; Jim had me take a second one with a surprised look on his face and his hand missing!   Lots of fun and the church was very interesting also.

     We caught the bus back to Piazza Venezia where we entended to call it a day but then changed our minds and climbed the steps up to the Musei Capitolini.   An expensive museum but huge and impressive.  Both art and statues.  The building, like many of the museums, was originally a palace and also incorporates parts of the early Roman Forum.  This museum dates back to the middle of the eighteenth century.  Yes, it had one Caravaggio painting!

     Back to the bus and home before four o'clock.  Another long day with 5.12 miles logged on the pedometer on the cell phone.  And no rain yet!  Jim is already busy looking for new things to do tomorrow on the Internet.  So even if it rains tomorrow the plan is to get out there!  Monday will be here before we know it!   What happens on Monday?  We leave Rome and travel to Florence.

     Hope you enjoyed our journey today....see you tomorrow...

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Leslie in Oregon said...

Fascinating photographs and text...thank you very much! The last time I was in Rome was during the month of April, and I remember how variable the weather was. It was a welcome relief, however, from the intense summer heat of previous visits. I appreciate your including yourselves in many of the photographs. Blue skies, Leslie