Saturday, April 25, 2015


     Slept well in our new bed last night but Jim had a bit of a problem...the electric heater in the bathroom runs 24/7 and heats not only the bathroom but our room!   I love it as I tend to run cold, but Mr. Jim is a furnace unto himself and is always too warm.  It was either leave it alone or they would have to turn off a fuse which meant no heat and I won the decision!   Wow...a warm bathroom for my shower last night!

  We woke up this morning and had to get the cleaning girl to open the doors for us at eight o'clock so that we could add money to the car park (which the hotel is reimbursing us for) on time.  Actually we got in the car and drove around the city looking for first a Laundromat and secondly the Catholic Church.  Finding neither we headed out of town towards Padstow; a village about ten miles away that has a Catholic service being held at half past five o'clock on Saturday evening in the Anglican  Church. guessed it....another set of those roads that causes Jim to use some words that he normally doesn't use. 

     We found the church but never saw any parking for it and turned around and made our way back to Wadebridge where we parked the car and have not moved it for the rest of the day.  We walked the village after returning; never found the church but we did find the Laundromat.    Finally stopped and asked a shop girl who was sweeping the store in preparation to open.  She remembered, gave us the directions and off we went.  Yes, we'd driven right past it this morning but it wasn't where the Internet said we'd find one. 

Back to the hotel by nine o'clock; just in time for breakfast.  They serve from nine to eleven o'clock.   We each had a wonderful English Breakfast that kept our tummies full all day.  After getting change from the barman, we gathered our laundry and walked the two short blocks to the Laundromat and for ten pounds have all clean clothes for our trip to Paris on Tuesday.  Back at the hotel I sorted the suitcases and packed the things we'll need for the next couple of nights in our backpacks. 

     It was noon and we still didn't have the rain storm with thunder that had been predicted; but the clouds were definitely saying something to us.  Not much sun shone through even in the early morning.  I spent the afternoon doing the bookkeeping of our expenses both here and at home.  Jim was on his computer all afternoon researching the Kingston Lacy Estate that we'll be visiting tomorrow.  He is very excited about everything he'll be able to see there, especially the wonderful Egyptian Collection.   We're also looking forward to meeting our English friend Jane for the afternoon at the museum.   She is the longtime friend of our friend Bonnie in Florida.  She and Bonnie joined my twin sister and myself last year for our trip in France and Italy after Jim and I finished the Eastern Countries.  It will be good to see her again.  She lives close to the Museum that we're visiting. 

    About five o'clock we took our umbrella's and ran through the beginning drops across the street to the little restaurant that we ate at last night.  Tonight Jim had more fish, but prepared differently; and I enjoyed a veggie pizza.   By the time we finished it was truly raining outside and we got soaked crossing the street.  We're off to play cards downstairs in a little bit and then off to bed for an early start tomorrow.  Probably a day of driving in the rain.   When I watched the slideshow last night I saw that I put way to many driving photos in ... my apologizes.  Tonight is just a few photos for you.

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