Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rainy Day in Florence

The rain began in the middle of the night and continued throughout the day with the heaviest part coming down from about ten o'clock until nearly five in the afternoon.  We knew it was coming so we planned a day off.  Laundry, hair washing, bookkeeping, etc.

     I took some photos of our backyard for you today and one of the beautiful flowering tree in the neighbors.  Also added a few of playing
cards and working on the computers; or was that playing on the computers.  We used the time to make lots of Skype calls back home wishing everyone a Happy Easter a day early.  The wifi is very touchy and we were constantly losing service and having to call back again.

    About six o'clock Jim fixed us a wonderful dinner of pasta with sausage in the sauce.   After dinner we dressed warmly and went for a walk in the light rain to the Ponte Vecchio; crossed the bridge and headed back home on the north side of the Arno River.  On the way home we got some good night photos as the lights were just beginning to come on.   Everything was wet by the time we arrived home but it was good to get some exercise so we should sleep better tonight.

     Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we hope to have a great story for you about "Lo Scoppio del Carro" or "The Explosion of the Carriage".....Happy Easter to each of you....

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Anonymous said...

We have had a nice day with Gary and Alitza. Judy just called and coco is on her way to Indianpolis with Todd.
Hope Easter is dry for you.